Helpful Tips To Establish Your Blog Before Contacting The Brand


I’m super excited to do some helpful blogging tips again after a long time. This time it is the most searched topic how to get noticed by PR’s, well here’s the twist to it though, instead of how to get noticed, it’s about how to contact the brands/PR companies as a blogger and get noticed.

This is the part one of the series, with some helpful tips to establish your blog before actually contacting the brand :

1. Establish Your Blog : I mean good content without consistence is not worth coming back too. Even the famous youtubers and bloggers who go MIA and get distracted by other fancy stuff, loose a lot of followership. That being said, having a rhythm to the blog, makes the audience long for more and come back often, increasing your statistic, which in turn helps SEO. Here is a helpful post to increase your blog rank on various search engines : Increase Blog Popularity With These 3 SEO Tips
Having great content, even if its not “original” but well put together and engaging, can help you build up a good followership count.

2. Be Socially Active : Being interactive and active on other social media platform, can get you noticed by the companies. Tag the brands use their hastags, even while recommending things to your friends and your followers on social media make sure to tag the companies in the comments. This can very well get you noticed. But like anything in access can be harmful, so can this be, it can get super  annoying and disturbing, so keep it classy yet noticeable.
Also responding to the comments on your blog and being interactive/friendly with other bloggers and  promoting and re-promoting your blogpost on social media, will further help in increasing your statistics.

3. Have A Killer Blog Template : Good content is one thing and having a presentable and appealing layout another. Even if your content is good, but you have a dark layout/light fonts and way too many widgets, specially adsense after every post, in the header area and sidebar can make things look awfully complex and confusing. Having a neat layout, with few essential widgets should do the trick.
Few necessary widget that can make your blog pretty and yet keep audience stay on your blog for longer are, your social media links, popular post widget, recent post widget, a search bar and may be your instagram snippet.
If you think you can’t design your blog layout, you can always buy templates, there are so many places from where you can buy affordable templates like here, herehere and also if you search, you can probably get hold of some pretty descent free templates online (like this).

4. Good Quality Pictures : Now lets admit it, nine out of ten times we click on something because it looked appealing to us, but this doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to buy a dslr, if you can’t afford it at the moment, smart phones can really take good pictures and with the help of few apps you can easily transform your photos. And here are some helpful posts, that might come in handy :
a) The Ultimate Photo Editing Apps
b) How To Brighten Up Pictures.

5. Promote Brands : If you wish to work with certain brands, make sure you review their products if you have any in your collection, or simply keep up with their upcoming new launches and promote it on your blog, telling what looks appealing and what you are really excited about. Anything really, that keeps your readers engaged and gets you the companies attention, can further help you in putting together a great pitch, and make your blog an irresistible catch.

6. Media Kit : With millions of blogs out there, imagine the outburst of emails companies might be receiving everyday. Having a media kit, with your incredible blog statistics, social media links, any previous collaborations with other companies, and basic essential information will save you the hassle of writing a sugar coated email and probably make it easier for the company to read less and learn more about your blog analytics and numbers.

So I hope this was helpful. Is there anything else one should keep in mind before contacting the brands? Do let us know in comments below. 

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