trèStiQue Makeup Review*

trestique bora bora coral blush reviewtrestique makeup review


Do you know the feeling when you have new makeup neatly stored in your makeup shelves, giving you the “when-will-you-use-me stare??” and you can’t use it until you photograph it for the blog? #bloggerslife

Anyways I have been stalking trèstique’s instagram and website and I have to admit I’m completely *smitten* by the packaging. I mean its everything, that crayon shaped magnetic packaging mm mm you can’t resist, right? 

This brand has almost everything covered – brows, lips, eyes, cheeks, bases except for mascara, which I’m quite intrigued to see what this brand comes up with since there packaging is so dynamic and unique I’m hoping for something really awesome. 

That being said the best thing apart from the packaging of course is, they are designed to be travel friendly, the genius idea of having the makeup tool on the other end of the product is quite innovative. Each product comes with a detachable smudger/sponge or a brush on one end, and yeah all the germophobes the good news is, once the applicator gets dirty you can toss it and replace it (yes the tools are sold separately too – I mean hats off to the fabulous idea). 

I got :

Color Contour Cheek Stick In Bora Bora Coral* : If I picked on the color I would have totally gotten the pink one, but thank god I let Jenn (co-founder of tretique) pick the color for me. And I have to say this is by far THE prettiest coral blush I own, it’s gorgeous, creamy and soo freakingly flattering on the cheeks. You have to try this to know what I mean.

Mini Matt Lip Crayon In Florence Fig* : Well lipsticks are lipsticks, and I guess there is a new trend of “comfortable matts” which are creamy and hydrating yet matt at the same time, this is exactly how this lip crayon is like. And the color is right up my ally! 

Define Sculpt Set Eye Brow Pencil In Espresso* : I love the concept of having a pencil on one end and the setting gel on the other, but unfortunately the color range is very limited and for someone like me even expresso is a tad bit lighter. The brush is quite different and unique than the regular round brushes its more flat and easy to use however one side of the brush has shorter bristles as compared to the other which is a lot longer and softer and makes it a bit wobbly while applying, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Really love the flat and angular-ness of the pencil and the brush. Another good thing about it, is the gel, which doesn’t leave your eyebrows feeling stiff or crunchy. Just wish they had a wide range of color selection.

Definitely worth stalking the website and snagging some bits from this brand. Specially for all those sassy, on the go ladies, this is your answer for saving space when it comes to packing makeup. And hey they look cute on the shelves too 😉

Let me know what are your tips and tricks for streamlining your makeup routine when it comes  to rushing out? And have you heard of this brand before and tried some products from them?