The Drugstore Haul

Drugstore Haul

Drugstore haul or shall I call it the last UK drugstore haul. As sad it feels to not be able to visit Boots and Superdrug I’m quite happy I stalked up on few bit from there, which will last me for a while.

To start of, lets deal with the skin care bits :

Skincare :

– Eucerin Ato Control Face Care Cream : It’s a pretty good face cream considering its from the drugstore and I love the packaging it’s convenient to throw in the purse and is a wonderful light cream for the day time, and the plus point is that it can be used on babies too. 

– Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-on : It’s a very light refreshing eye cream as it says, I love to layer this underneath of another cream eye products and my under-eye area feel bright and hydrated.

-Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream From Superdrug : This is by far the bestest eye cream I have tried from the drugstore, now I don’t know if I have been sleeping well or this eye cream has been working its magic but I did notice a considerable difference in my under eye situation. Definitely give this one a go if you want a good drug-store priced eye cream.

Make-Up :

Soap & Glory Motherpucker Gloss Stick : I love the dinky packaging so convenient, and you probably end up using it all before it goes bad. Love the sheer yet quite there color pay off and the of course the glossiness makes it all even more wearable, the three colors that I picked up are Pink-a-boo (definitely the sheerest of them all), Pink Punch (The most pigmented of them all) and Purple Rain, not a scary purple but more like a berry toned wearable purple, certainly someone like me who loves sticking to nudes can totally get away with wearing this during fall/winter.

soap & glory mother pucker lipgloss

(left – right : Purple Rain, Pink Punch, Pink-a-boo)

Soap & Glory KissAss Powder : I heard +Kaushal Beauty  rave about this stuff and said its quite the compact dupe to Banana ben Nyen powder, so I had to get it. And have to say it is definitely kiss ass setting powder.

soap&glory kiss ass powder

No.7 Highlighter : OMG I don’t know why I didn’t discover this earlier but this stuff is Ahh-mazing! No like seriously, when my baggage beeped at the security check and the lady asked me to open up my bag, saw this – she literally couldn’t help keep up to her professional self and asked me to swatch it and see it, haha literally its that good that it can make the ladies at the check point be lenient towards you 😉

no.7 highlighter

Revlon Photoready Prime+ Antishine : I haven’t used this, but since it was on offer I grabbed, I will definitely keep you posted about it, if you are curious to know. But meanwhile if anyone of you who has tried it please let me know, how it is. 

Buxom Lipgloss in Dolly : Now this is not from the drugstore but I picked this one up from TK Maxx to see what Buxom lip glosses are all about, I quite love the color and the love that lip plumping tingling sensation call me weird but for some odd reasons I love the tingle.

Butter London Nail Polish In Rosie Lee and The Old Bill : Both stunning shades for the fall and holiday season. And I got them at a drugstore price from TK Maxx. 

Beauty Tools/Accessories :

Real Technique Bold Metal Blush Brush : Since it was on sale and was rose gold I had to buy it. I have always been a huge fan of RT brushes and this definitely lives up to its brand name.

Fleur De Force Fluer Loves Lashes : These are perfect for small eyed person like me and I love how gorgeous they look, so I certainly had to stalk up on these.

fleurdeforce fleur loves

Eyelure Pro Lash Individuals : Since I have quite a few events to attend too in December I thought I’d go crazy and stalk up on lots of eye lashes. 

H&M Rose gold eyelash curler : Not the best lash curler, but hey do you see the rose-gold-gorgeousness?? And it was half off (makes a beautiful prop for the pictures – what can I say :P). 

That was one heck of a massive haul. But I seriously miss my local Boots and Superdrug 🙁

Have you tried any of the things from the huge list of products mentioned? Which is your favorite skincare item from the drugstore?