10 Reasons Why I’m A UK Convert

Now if anyone knows me (by anyone I mean my family of-course), knows my deep love for America. It was a love at no sight and just sniffing the bags that my aunt got when she visited us from State, OHH that smell, I wish I could bottle it up into a perfume. 

2012 was the year for experiencing my blind love for the very first time, and it lived up to every bit of my expectation, Michaels, Joanns, Sephora, MichaelKors, Premium outlets, Oh dear Disney land and those crazy rides at Cider point. Niagara falls, the beautiful hike in the mountains of Colorado, Miami beach, and how can I forget the mesmerizing NEWYORK, stunning LA, and busy Chicago streets – everything seemed like a fast paced dream as we had to move out in two thousand and fourteen. I swear my heart broke into millions of pieces and I couldn’t believe we had to leave until we were standing at the airport paying for our over-weighing bags. To sooth my aching heart my husband promised to move to UK for a whole new experience which I wasn’t ready for.

But hey like they say everything happens for a reason and surely this got me thinking why I like UK more.

So here are 10 reasons why I love UK more (maybe) :

1. The Admirer in me loved the gorgeous country side.

2. The Pervert In Me Loved the sexy accent, which could possibly make you orgasm the very second someone said Hi there gorgeous!

3.  The Blogger in me loved the weather, it is the best thing for bloggers, no artificial lights required. All those cloudy days make up for the best blog-picture-taking-days.

4. The Independent woman in me loved the public transport, the easy commute, and the little stroll down the hill to wander around the mall without having the daunting eyes of my husband behind, scrutinizing every purchase of mine.

5. The Hoarder in me loved the beauty drugstore shopping I swear I miss Boots and Superdrug so much, that some times I wish I lived in the UK only.

6. The Traveler in me loved seeing different places every weekend, and the bliss of being so near to European countries.

7. The Daddy’s Girl in me loved how it was not that crazy far away from India.

8. The Indian In Me loved the Indian food we got their and just a little trip to South Hall instantly made me feel like I was in my homeland.

9. The Mum In Me Loved shopping for my little princess, Primark, Gap and H&M Kids were my favorite.

10. Finally The Nomad In Me Loved an entirely different cultural, geographical experience of living in a different country – with extraordinarily lengthy summer days and the extremely depressing short winter days.

Have you lived in the UK, or have you had a different country living experience? How was it, I would love to know.

Until then I envy you UK people, though I’m happy to be back in the US, but I guess no ones ever content with what they have got.