Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection || First Impression & Swatches.

Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection

I have been resisting trying this stuff ever since I got it, and it been killing me keeping it under wraps. #bloggerslife haha, you know what I mean right, you don’t want to spoil the packaging before you photograph it. Well enough with the waiting, as I unravel these beauties out of the box I’m pretty thrilled and excited to try them on and use it.

Contouring Pencil Set : I’m definitely not a contour kind-a-gal, but I always thought if I ever go down that hill it will have to be with a contour stick, seems quite easy and noob-friendly. Considering the clinique chubby sticks this is such a great and a cheaper alternative for anyone who is looking for a contour stick, however it is more warm toned as compared to being the cool toned, but its a gorgeous matt, yet creamy finish product which makes using it a dream, well at-least for me, and so far I’m liking it. For the highlighter its nothing glittery or shimmery a nice sheen which we all are looking for, all in all I would have to say this is a good value for money and absolutely a beginners delight. 

Kiko Rebel Contour Stick Set

Intensely Lavish Lipsticks in no1 and no2 : Perfect fall colors, rose gold packaging, a magnetic click to get your heart racing and what else does a lipstick addict needs? Right!! It’s creamy, glossy and highly pigmented. 

Kiko Rebel Romantic Lipstick

Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil : in no2 now there was a serious debate between no.1 and no.2 but for some odd reasons I settled with no.2, its a bit more deep and berry toned which I thought will make layering a nude lipstick so much better. Unlike other lipliners this one is quite creamy and smooth, and that being said it doesn’t budge or smear, but does last for a good couple of hours.

Kiko Rebel Romantic Swatches

Rebel Bouncy Blush : In Passion Red Wine, with fall in mind I went for this color even though I really wanted the Treasure rose, but I have way too many rosy pink blushes. If I talk about the packaging despite the rose gold goodness, it’s quite cheap and plastic-y. It’s a gorgeous shade to add an autumn-y flush, though it does looses it’s intensity after a couple of hours but over all a stunning blush. The texture is quite unique too, its somewhere in between creamy and like the Maybelline bouncy blush texture.

Kiko Rebel Romantic Blush

Overall it’s a beautiful collection keeping fall in mind, definitely check it out specially their Contouring Pencil set if you are looking for an affordable bronzer stick. 

Have you tried anything from this collection? If not, is there something that catches your eye? 

P.S. : I would have to blame Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty for this impulsive purchase. Definitely check her out.


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