New Look || Blog Update

 If you have been to my blog before then you might have spied a little change, well went through a heck of a makeover and has a permanent domain name yay to that. Not only did my blog go through a makeover my macbook did too, since there was no space and it has been acting all weird it was about time to format it and give it a new life, until I’m able to afford a macbook pro.

So I thought it’s about time I share a bit more about myself, a lot of you know me as Samileen, Sam, Samie but I’m Saman from India, and I have been travelling ever-since I got married that was in late 2011. 

As a kid I just wanted to fly to US and live there for forever. And that dream came true when I got married and moved to the US. Then we moved to the UK and now its time for us to head back to India for a while before we head off to our next adventure. All in all things have been pretty much fun,  *touch-wood*. With that pretty smooth ride, I have to admit though I had never worked in my entire life, and this blog bought me opportunities to not only earn but experience a whole new world. I developed a passion for blog designing and started my etsy store. So if you ever plan on re-vamping your blog you can check out my store, I have pretty affordable pre-made templates also quite reasonable Responsive Custom Made Blog Design Package – what’s a blog for, if you never shamelessly advertise yourself. *adds a blushing emoji*

That being said, I’m pretty excited to have brought all my social media under one hood, they have been all over the place with names remotely relatable to the blog. So it’s been a pretty exciting thing to revamp the entire blog and brand it. Hope you enjoy this new layout. However I couldn’t bring my etsy store under the blog name you know it would sound absolutely hideous to have an etsy store named abeautydetour when its clearly about blog templates and digital prints, so if you have any fabulous suggestions please don’t forget to leave it in the comments below.

Before I wind-up, I have to give a massive shout out to my sweet sister-in-law who helped me design the blog header image, she also has an amazing etsy store and she does some pretty awesome invitations, stationery and all that fun stuff so don’t forget to check her out, also I have added a new advertise section to this blog, for any upcoming business and blogs to use that ad space to promote themselves. These ads will be running for a month with shout outs on every monthly round up posts so yeah, feel free to check out that section and if you have any queries and need suggestions don’t hesitate to shoot me a mail.

And with that longest post in the entire history of this blog, I hope I didn’t bore you till death, stay tuned for lots of upcoming posts, though I would love to know what you guys would like to read on this blog. Massive thanks for all your support, love and generous comments, virtual hugs, Xo.

P.S. And just to bid adieu to the previous template here are few glimpse of it, I will miss you dear but I’m too excited for this change hope you all like it 🙂


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