Nars Dual Intensity Blush In Fervor || Review

*Hearts shot out of my eyes*
the moment I opened up the box and saw it for the first time, not one but two absolutely stunning shades of blushes, in a monochromatic classy Nars packing, you gotta be lying if you said you never fancied it. Needless to say the rose gold coppery tones just look as mesmerising on cheeks as they look in the pan. I mean for the life of me I never feel like using the new make-up for the fact I will ruin the stunning packaging, but the eagerness to try on the much hyped up product always wins.

Since I’m not the first one to be reviewing or talking about it, you all might know it by now these can be used both dry and wet. When I first swirled around my brush over it, it felt as if the brush didn’t pick up any color (a wave of disappointment started to sink in), but the cheeks revealed a whole different story as they flushed with radiance. That’s the beauty of Nars blushes there is something utterly magical that you can’t resist them. I haven’t tried it on wet if  I’d be completely honest (don’t even plan too, either) but I just love the look and feel of the two colors mixed together, absolutely perfect! If you are looking to buy any of the dual intensity blush I’d say go for fervor as it seems to be the most flattering shade for all skin types.

Have you tried Nars Blush before? Which is your favourite one out of them?

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