Mac Haul || Mini Review

(Mac Brave)

(Mac Mehr)

(Mac Soar)

Now there is no denying that I’m a total Mac addict, and this is the first brand that got me officially one hundred percent hooked to makeup, just the thought of walking into mac made me so excited and still does for the fact that, their store smells sooo soo amazing. Well I’m not here to ramble about mac, no maybe I’m kind of here for that only, since I thought I’d share with you all what I picked up at my recent visit to Mac store.

Mac Lip Liner In Soar : This was a long overdue on my wishlist and finally I got it, it’s the perfect shade for fall and thats all I can think of when I look at it. T,he formula is smooth creamy and yet a bit drying which makes it last longer. I can’t say one bad thing about it because I just adore it.

Brave & Mehr lipstick : They seem to belong to the same family with blue undertones however brave being maybe two shades lighter and of satin finish than Mehr which is a matt finish. Brave has more pink to it where as Mehr has more berry to it, if that made any sense, but you can see the swatches and make it out for yourself 😉

Max Fix+ : Now this is a repurchase, there are certainly so many make up sprays out their, but this one just wins over every other thing in the market (for me). I love the fine mist and how uniformly it sprays out without having that one giant splash on the face. And the glow oh dear god this is like injecting that glow from within.

Cleanse Off Oil : Yet another one of those must have’s for me. I have a full review on this one here if you are interested.

Do you love Mac? Which is your must have mac product that I should try ?

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