Increase Blog Popularity With These Three SEO Tip

SEO tips to increase blog traffic

Well everyone who starts blogging, even the diary-to-oneself-kinds (unless the blog settings are put on to private), have that jumpy feeling in the back of the head to get noticed, let alone the ones who actually start blogging thinking it will be massive a ‘thing’ in the future. So today I will be sharing my top three SEO tips that will help grow blog traffic.

SEO search engine optimization *literally yawned as I typed it* as boring and as complicated it may sound, it is something that helps google find your blog/website and categories it properly, blah blah blah. But you need to know these three basic things to hike up your blog demographics.

1. Keyword Planner : As important it is to have a unique, useful and specific blog title, it is that much more important to have keywords in your title and beginning of the post, though keeping in mind not over using the keywords which can drive grumpy little google mad. So how to plan keywords is something which I discovered fairly recently and has helped in trailing in traffic. And we all know there have been innumerable blogs stating why its important to have the right words aka keywords to improve your blog rank in google. And in order to use this tool all you need is to sign up to Google adwords. And here is the detailed tutorial by Backlinko, with step by step instruction to get you started with it.

2. Image Optimisation : This could be quite an annoying task specially on those lazy days when you just want to upload and publish your post be done with (as if clicking and editing the picture was not enough). But trust me naming your image as if it was the post in itself will majorly help. Instead of saving your image file as IMG_002 give it a name like “Grow blog audience”.

And make sure to add ALT text to describe your image. If you don’t know how to do this : simply click on the picture you just uploaded to the post – a blue pop up line appears with various options – click on properties – and tag  your picture with the appropriate ALT text.

3. Leave Comments On Other Blogs : Yes you need to leave back links, so that not only just the owner of that blog notices you, but other people who comment on those blogs get a chance to discover your blog too.  Here is a html code that will link the text you want to direct the audience to your blog. < a href = “YOUR BLOG LINK” > TEXT HERE WHICH WILL DIRECT TO YOUR SITE < / a >, now you need to bare in mind to remove the spaces (except the space between “a href”), if I didn’t use the spaces then you would have only seen the linked text. I hope I made sense and this was helpful if you ever wondered how others linked up their words in comment section.

So what are your tips on getting noticed and increasing blog traffic? Also I have a blog post lined up specifically answering to your questions, so you can ask/request me anything and I shall get onto answering them 🙂