Five Happy Things || Catch up

Happy Friday peeps, every Monday morning my husband cribs about surviving those torturous five days of work, and without even realising the week just passes by in a blink of an eye. So I thought I’d share with you five things that made me happy this week. It’s always fun sharing some positivity, right?!

1. Blog re-vamp : I was itching this for a while, that’s the thing about having a blog you are always tempted to change something. But this time I think this layout will stay for a while hopefully haha. But with the re-vamp I finally decided to give it a permanent name it has it’s own identity and yay I  am so happy and thrilled to have such positive feedbacks.

2. Etsy Store Success : Not really success success, but in these past few days there have been couple of sales and that really makes me happy, to see the template go live on someone else’s blog. 

3. Morning Kisses : All of sudden my little angel has been showering me with kisses every morning she wakes and the joy’s of being woken up by those tiny fingers trying to pull open the eye-lids it’s the most adorable thing Ever!

4. Owning a Zoeva Brush Set : Now if you have a beauty blog then happiness is incomplete without mentioning the joy that makeup brings haha, and recently when I was sent a package from Zoeva I couldn’t contain my excitement. They are gorgeous like I said in my Monday’s post.

5. Buying Fresh Flowers : Seriously the positivity and happiness these babies bring into the house is amazing,  and it’s not that often that I get to bring in fresh flowers, its seems unnecessary and waste of money to my husband plus they die, but thanks to the £2 off coupon, I picked up a bouquet of flowers from my previous visit to our local grocery store – I tell you *tales of a home-maker* lol.

Hope you had a fun filled week and have a fabulous weekend – looking forward to hearing your awesome plans.

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