Tip Tuesday || Photography Tip – How to brighten up the picture

I have always loved bright white layout pictures, there is something neat and classy about them, and no matter how hard you try to take a good picture that yellow overcast ruins it, atleast for me its quite bothering. So here is a quick tip on how you can fix that. 

Simply adjust the cast/temperature, if the picture has more of a yellow tint shift the temperature bar towards the left side (which adds the blue tint), this way it counteracts the yellow tint and brightens up the picture, similarly if the picture has more of a blue/grey tint move the temperature bar toward right to balance out the light. I use iPhoto editor, you can use any photo editing app, and it will have a feature to adjust the temperature, a free online website picmonkey is a great option where this cast feature is known as temperature under the option of colors.

And here’s the editing demonstration:

(Original Picture)

(After adjusting the cast, since it had yellow tint moved it to left side and you can immediately see the difference)

Hope this was helpful. And next time enjoy a nice bright background 🙂

Disclaimer : I’m by no means an expert or professional, just an amateur like you. Who loves to share what she learns along the way of blogging.