Strobing Is The New Contouring || Top 5 Strobing Products

Speaking of truth I have never been drawing towards bronzing let alone contouring. Always have been a huge fan of highlighting though, and have been doing it for few years, without even knowing it had a term strobing, like honestly!  

Basically strobing is a complex word for highlighting, you can do your share of googling but I feel Rachelsuchat and Denise have done a pretty good job at explaining it and you can read all about it here and here respectively (but after reading this post ;)).

So I will be sharing my top 5 Strobing products : 

1. Mac Cream Color Base in Hush or even Shell. Easy highlighters without too much of a glitter or shimmer just that dewy glow

2. Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polished.

3. Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter pencil. This has a matt side as well as a shimmery side. I feel this would make the perfect on the go product if you want to take the look from day time to night time, matt side would work perfectly for the day look and shimmery side for the night.

4. e.l.f studio shimmer palette : This has been actually the first highlighting product I/(my fiancĂ© [now my husband] got from the US) in 2008 I believe and I have been using this ever since, it soo amazing I remember a friend going crazy over my highlight during a wedding that she almost begged me to get one for her haha. 

5. Any creamy concealer which is a bit lighter than your skin tone like Mac pro long wear concealer , Maybelline age rewind.

So basically any creamy product is your best bait for strobing and giving you a glow without throwing shimmer on your face and making you look like a shiny disco ball.

Have you tried strobing? Are you more of a contour fan or strobing fan? What is your favourite highlighter?

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