Little Catch-up

Hello lovelies, I have been relatively slow here on the blog, not that I’m demotivated or not enjoying it, it’s just I have too many blog-post planned, so making drafts for future post, since my parents will be visiting us soon and we will be going on a holiday, YAY, super excited! So preparing for those days when I just have to hit PUBLISH and not bother about typing and clicking pictures, yeah so that’s my excuse for being MIA.   

And the fact that my phone memory, computer memory, iPad memory everything thing is cramped up and full, I need to de-clutter and organise, speaking of decluttering, I have too much make-up and I will be moving countries soon, again, so if you are interested in buying my make-up and help give them a better home please let me know and I can do a blog-sale. And meanwhile you can also check my depop I have few items listed there. My user name is Samileen S.

And oh it’s my birthday month and I’m just over-whelmed thinking about how life is moving swiftly, and I’m nearing my 30’s it’s insane. I will be doing a whole birthday ramble soon.

Spoiler Alert : I have some really awesome blogging/photography tips already planned so watch-out for that, and if you don’t want to miss on those post make sure you follow me on bloglovin’ (I follow back ;)) and subscribe via email promise you won’t be disappointed, and hello you won’t have to scratch your head thinking ohhh what was that blog url were I read about the blog sale or about photography tips haha.

So what have you been upto lately? Enjoying the hot weather? And too many beach trips? And please let me know if you’d be interested in a blog sale, really need to declutter. Much love to all the wonderful people who stop by take time to comment and support me you guys really make me so, so happy and smiley – a big pink-heart with twinkle on it, from me to you.

P.S. : I have a GIVEAWAY on my instagram, giving away a Nars Audicious lipstick of your choice. So don’t forget to enter.



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