It’s My Birthday || Hurraayy

Okay, I’m a bit of a birthday fanatic, I mean who isn’t!! Each year I get excited having a day to myself and probably for a few gifts, maybe a little birthday surprise, family gathering and few friends giggling. It’s a day that brings the maximum joy.

Thinking of which each year 8th of July beholds some beautiful old birthday memories. Funny how the days become the best of memories for the next year, but we never realise it, when we are actually living it up.

So 27 is the number that brings a whiff of paranoia, am I getting too old too soon, when I just feel like twenty two in my head, guess that’s why people say “young at heart”, haha.

Feels like yesterday I just got engaged and flaunted my ‘legal bf’, weeks ago had a big wedding shindig, lived my American dream, and sailed across the seas wearing a British hat. Feels like just moments ago I was 24 and now passed three years….in just a month?

Wait, whats that noise outside? I have a baby too o_O!!! Yes life been crazy fast. Giving yet another day that won’t last. And then giving someone else a chance to feel special as the clock moves around on its own pace. Yet birthday’s are my favouritest of the days.

So whats your take on birthday? Do you get excited too or be like yeah yet another day! I believe that beyond just embracing the golden past, lets create and savor a smile each day as we move along in the journey called life, so the next year when you look back, you have a fresh page to grace the mantelpiece with!

Hope you all had a fabulous day.

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