TopShop 5 Years Of Beauty || Topshop Makeup review and swatches

Hello Lovlies, finally I’m back, it feels so awesome to hear the keyboard clicking as I type, that it is bringing the biggest smile on my face and I totally look like a jerk with that massive grin, but yay, finally got a new charger and my computer is all charged up and working. So you can expect a lot of posts pouring in, too much of holding back but now is the time to let it go 😉

So as a lot of you might be knowing about the Topshop’s 5 Years Of Beauty anniversary celebration they came out with their most loved products in a limited edition packaging of Rose Gold, which every girl is fan of, so you can imagine how things might just go out of stock in a blink of an eye, and you might want to get your hands on it before everything disappears. 

I was lucky enough to manage to get hold of the last piece of the Glow highlighter in this packaging rest everything is still available in my local Topshop store atleast, but the highlighter was the fastest selling items in the limited edition packaging. The other things that I picked up were the famous blush in head-over-heels and lipstick in Rio Rio which is an orangy-red color. Definitely Topshops make-up is quite under-rated, but thanks to the social media it is getting a bit of recognition but not as much as it deserve, the highlighter is absolutely to die for, its that gorgeous and stunning you can see in the pictures yourself, but its just everything you need in a little jar. I wanted to get the purple nail polish too but it was a bit too overpriced in my opinion and so I skipped on it. But the rest of the things I’m super happy and excited about.

Luxurious creamy and smooth products the blush and the highlighter are my favourite, lipstick is gorgeous but I’m not of a nudist sort-of-a-gal, so I don’t know how much wear I’m going to get out of it, but non-the-less if you fancy a little feisty number then this might just be the color you are looking for.

Ok I’m the worst when it comes to clicking my own pictures, but can you look at the gorgeous, gorgeous highlighter, however the light washed out the blush but it’s the prettiest flush of color, truly head over heals.

Did you get your hands on any of the limited edition makeup from Topshop? Or do you plan to get some?? If so go, go, go, before it all vanishes from the shelves.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches, and I will catch up with you all on Wednesday, until then Toodles :*




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