Jewellery Spotlight || Emerald Bling

Hello! hello, today I’m rather excited to start a different series on this blog which you can probably tell by the title of this post, definitely picked up this idea from another blog (totally forgot the name of that blog though) but I instantly fell in love with the idea and thought hey why not!

To begin with, I have never been a jewellery wearer to be honest, I love rings and basic small stud sort of earrings and nothing more than that. But of late I have been indulging a bit too much into jewellery. As a wise-friend once told, if you don’t dress up now then when will you? So yeah stepping a little out-side my comfort zone and enjoying dainty necklaces, bracelets and fancy ear-rings.

So today’s feature is my absolute favourite piece of ornament, which was a wedding gift from my grand-mother, as she knew I LOVE rings and I have been wanting an emerald ring for ages so this is basically the most valued, loved and priceless possessions. The stone is gorgeous and every single time I wear this I get compliments on my ring.

Hope you liked today’s post, would love to hear about what you are loving at the moment, and if you ever decide to do something like this on your blog don’t forget to leave the link in the comments below, I would totally stalk you.