How To Get PR’s, Samples And Which Blogging Network To Join? || Everything A Newbie Needs To Know

Let’s all admit, for whatever reasons you started blogging, the distraction of earning and getting samples creeps in (especially if you are a beautyblogger), unless you just started blogging for freebies then let me assure you, you won’t go too far.

So today I thought I would share with you all about receiving samples, joining blogger’s networks and few basic tips for getting your blog noticed and PR friendly.

But instead of keeping a one woman show, I asked beautiful Denise from, if she would like to contribute to this post, and she gladly accepted. So if you don’t already know her, then hop onto her blog and you will instantly fall in love with her, she is just not that another beauty blogger, but she has a dreamy side to her, her obsession with disney will make you smile and inspire too at the same time, so  don’t forget to say her hi from my side 🙂

Q1. Since when do you start receiving samples?    Well it is quite unpredictable specially when you are new into this blogging world, it’s quite a competitive place to be honest but if you stand out with your content, your picture quality and layout, then you can start receiving them as early as 3-4 months into blogging. 

Q2. Which Blogging Networks to join ?     It’s best to join the free blogging networks which offer samples and connections between PR’s and bloggers, few networks worth checking are Best British Bloggers, Bloggabase, Bzzagent, Bloggers hub, pretty sure there are a lot more networks you can google and do your own research as to which suits you the best.

Q3. Is it OKAY to ask for samples and what is the basic format of the email?     Well to be honest until you are of temptalia’s level or remotely somewhere near those lines, you might have to get yourself out there show your worth and quite professionally yet respectfully put your interest forward into trying that company’s products justifying your interest. If they see the potential and find you a good bet for their products promotion chances are you may score a freebie, but that attaches you to the responsibility of giving an honest feedback to your precious readers.

Q4. Is it important to attend blogging events?      Now if you are blogging and need ground breaking ideas for your next blogpost it’s important to interact, keep yourself upto date and there is definitely a lot more when it comes to a one on one conversation then a conversation over an email, so attending events can just be the right thing to do. 

Q5. Your advise to the newbiez out there?      Haha, well I’m a newbie myself, and if you truly love and enjoy (and not doing to get free stuff), then you will eventually get there.

I hope you guys picked up few helpful tips, and if you have any helpful tips to share with others, then leave them in the comment section, we all would love to hear 🙂

Disclaimer : By no means we claim to be an expert, just sharing what has been helpful to me and Denise, with the soul purpose of helping someone out there.



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