5 Tips For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Wondering how to get clear healthy skin for summer season? With dresses, skirts, rompers and light denim shirts, we are all out and about soaking in the sun. It is then taking care of your skin becomes that much more important, especially if you have that gorgeous tan to show-off too. 

And here are 5 Tips For Better Skin This Summer :

1. Yes we all know what is the most essential thing for having beautiful skin HYDRATION my friends Hydration, we have heard, and yet we are hearing it again, drinking enough water specially during summers is essential and we know it why. Ditch soda, sugary drink and make your own spa water, add ice cube and trust me you won’t even crave for all those nasty drinks.

Tip: Soaking Chia seeds in a glass of water over-night, and adding it to your oatmeal/ a fruit bowl, will not only helps in keeping you hydrated, but it will keep you full for a longer time and give you a good dose of Omega3.

2. Facial Mist: While you scrunch up your face trying not to breath this is the refresher you need. Even though if it sounds pretentious, it is really important to give your skin the hydration and nutrients when its boiling outside. There are tones and tones for facial mists ranging from different price points to different skin criteria. Perfect to throw in your purse when you are out and about.

My favourite ones are The Body Shop Vit C Spritz(love the citrusy scent), Acure Facial Mist for Normal Skin. While taking care of your skin, they act as a setting spray too, bonus! 

3. Dry Brushing : Not only dry brushing exfoliates your body and gives it smoother appearance it has tones of other benefits, like reduce cellulite, increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic system, and on and on and on, you can read all about it here.

4. Rinsing With A Blast Of Cold Water : We all have heard about how rinsing with cold water can add shine to your hair, make your skin look brighter and healthier and it also improves circulation of blood and lymphatic system. Despite all of that, we tend to stand under hot water and enjoy the cozy bath time. But trust me its not difficult to rinse off with cold water, gradually change the temperature and enjoy the cold sprinkle you will instantly feel awake, rejuvenated and ohhhh your skin will be so thankful to you.

5. SPF Spf Spf : I should probably go and apply some and then come back to type this bit (Yes, I’m guilty of skipping on spf) Hence I try to use multitask products, like a tinted moisturiser with Spf. Laura Mercier being my no.1!

How’s summer like, where you are? And what is your number one tip to take care of your skin during summer?

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