Kiko Crystal Eyeliner|| Review & Swatches

Oh dear Kiko, finally you are home, these have been the talk of the town and have been getting exceptional rave reviews all over the place, and you know how it goes when it comes to the much hyped products, the moment you see them its like your wallet cries, let it go let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…

And after watching this video by Lisa Eldridge, I knew this crystal eyeliner was coming home no matter what.

These liners are exceptional beautiful, special this shade 01(a silvery green color). These are a total smudge-proof formula, which sets pretty fast, smooth and creamy, glides on pretty easily specially for the fact that they seem to be quite waxy in texture. And they hold up through out the day without smearing or fading which is incredible for a price point of £7.

Kiko eye pencil 01

Crystal Liner In 01

Kiko Crystal Liner 01

Crystal Liner In 03

If you are in a Kiko Store definitely give this crystal liner a try, they won’t go back to the place where you picked it up from. Definitely a keeper.