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Blogging tips for pro blogging

It can get rather over-whelming, when you decide on jumping onto this field of work, Yes, it is a lot of work, for those people who think it’s lame. It requires time, energy, most importantly creativity and an awful lot of brainstorming to get those “unique” ideas and oh yes basic photography skills. 

Getting starting can be easy and un-easy at the same time, the shyness of not being able to tell people about your blog, or maybe you aren’t techie enough to deal with getting an impressive layout, and it is totally a big thing when it comes to the layout, it should be fresh, clean, navigable and welcoming to your audience. So today I thought I’d share the blogging decision that will make you a pro blogger.

1. Deciding on your Label/Blog Title : Before you start branding yourself out there, the most important thing is to decide on your genre, which category your blog will fall into, will it be Beauty – Lifestyle – Fashion – Homedecor, or maybe everything under the hood, yes you do evolve a lot during the process, and that realisation make you decide on your blog name, which become your label your brand name, so really you need to chose a name that suits your personality your rhythm of style. Cause that is one thing that makes a huge difference, apart from your blog layout.

[Because I remember going through an intensive name deciding spree, about my beauty-blog, and while going through that process motherhood came along the way, the intense hormonal spurt of feelings and emotions got me trapped into a different direction hence the management of two blogs (link to the other -here), but had everything been a bit more clear I guess things would have been under the same roof, today. But anyways, a little patient decision on what you would share could help you a long way.]

2. Deciding on the platform : This is the next toughest decision like seriously. There are a lot of hosting sites but WordPress and blogger are the two main sharks in the sea. Blogger being the first choice for anyone who is a noob at layout designing and everything, its easy, fuss free and definitely a lot more user friendly, however wordpress has quite a lot of features to offer, which gives your blog a lot more oomph and character, which unfortunately blogger seems to restrict you from. Yet again what are web-designers for (if you can afford and are serious about-I say go ahead!)

Here are few of the designs that I have managed to create and I do offer customised blogger template designs, so if you want you can check out my etsy store (see the clever style of branding?) lol

free blog template

Simple Mode Template

Free blog template

Spring Fling Template

3. Sticking to a schedule : Having a schedule can be the fuel to your dying engine, being regular and most importantly consistent, will have your people coming back and wanting more, but that doesn’t mean blabbering anything that comes into your mind, until thats what your audience is enjoying, then sure go ahead and blabber. Pre-planning the content, write-ups and taking pictures in advance so when things run out of control you know you have something to share that has been sitting in your drafts, and never revealing the crazy hot mess situations that you are dealing with – #actlikeapro.

4. Photographs : No body likes reading tones and tones of lines even if they are useful, picturesque stimulations really makes the post a lot more interesting, and having good quality pictures can make you look like a pro, and here are few tips that can help you with photography (here) (here) & (here)

Adding pictures break the monotony of hours long paragraphs, refreshening the brain to continue reading further, making the readers stick around for more time.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Nectar

5. Being bold, fierce and ready to hustle : Being shy is not going to take you anywhere, you need to be a little shameless when it comes to putting yourself out there, not in an irritating way but in a subtle yet shameless way, cause who else will give you a shout-out until they don’t know you exist? So joining an appropriate group on Facebook/twitter, and then sharing and re-sharing your content will give your statistic a boost, asking few bloggers for collaborating, even the upcoming blogs who have a few followership can help you  in many ways. 

And most importantly going back to the people/bloggers who took time to comment on your blog can keep those people coming back to you again. Brush up your communicating skills people, you will be needing this for up-scaling your blog.

Bonus Tip – Using Catchy Titles : If this title pulled you in, then you know-it works 😉 Nothing extra ordinary which is not on the hit list of google search engine, but something that sucks people  right into your blog space. Like hows-to, Tips & Tricks, Benefits – people cannot possible resist such titles.

Hope this was helpful. What are your pro-blogging tips? Don’t forget to share in the comments below. 

Eat . Sleep . Blog . Repeat .


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