5 Beauty Tips For An Instant Boost

I have been absolutely crazy busy, with my in-laws in town and my lil one being sick that, and blog template designing, that I haven’t really had time to sit back and enjoy writing a post, but today, after few of those many hectic days I had time to sit down and relish my blog space, so I thought I’d share 5 beauty tips that will instantly amp up your look.

1. Instant eye lift : Apply flesh toned eyeliner underneath and above eyebrows, and blend it in with your finger for an instant polished and well groomed eye look. 

2. Prevent your foundation from oxidising : This trick I picked it up from Wayne Goss, separate a tissue and wrap it over a dry sponge and gently bounce it over your face for absorbing that excess oil that cause your foundation to oxidise. 

3. Pucker up that smile : Instead of scrubbing your lips with 10 different scrubs or tooth brush, gentle use an exfoliating towel or muslin cloth while you are in the shower for having perfectly smooth, healthy-pinky lips. Then slather on a your favourite lip balm, mine has to be The Body Shop Aloe Lip Balm, it is serious the best lip balm I have every tried.

4. The Red Lip Guide : After applying your red lipstick, use concealer pencil to further define your lips,  not only this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding but will help highlight your cupids bow a tad bit more.

5. Doll Like Eyes : If you are some one like me with super tiny eyes, this might work wonders in opening up and making your eyes look bigger. Don’t just use a flesh tone eye liner on your waterline, use it to tight line, then curl your lashes layer up your favourite mascara, and all of a sudden the world is a much bigger, brighter place. 

And I can’t resist throwing in this extra tip :

Bonus Tip : If your lipstick breaks don’t throw it away, simply melt the bottom of the broken lipstick bullet using a lighter, stick it back into base, twist is down, pop it in the fridge — and it will be as good as being almost new!

What are your absolute favourite beauty tips that save your day?