What’s in my purse || My essentials

Who doesn’t love sneaking into someone else’s purse (only if it was allowed, I would totally sneak into everyone’s bag)lol. So I thought, why not show what’s in my bag, especially when the diaper bag goes bag stage (FINALLY, yay!)

I have always been a big purse kinda-gal, but diaper bag gave me fright, carrying a big bag, baby and then running around with it, when the little one throws her tantrums ‘Lord save me’. So when I saw this dinky little bag at Primark, I couldn’t contain my exictement. And it’s so amazing how much it can hold.

Here are my essentials that go around with me on a daily bases.

Coach wallet – I got this one at a factory outlet 2 years ago I believe. My husband picked it up for me since I was going to get the basic black wallet, is when he called me a “bore” and asked me to get this one because he loved the little pop or coral/orange in it, so I had to get it. 

My sunglasses – Hello beautiful sunshine, I keep alternating between the ones that I have but I’m loving these Fendi at the moment. And just look at this cute glass case, isn’t it ADORABLE? (Again got it from primary – I just absolutely love that store)

Ted Baker Body Spray – It’s spring in a bottle I have the matching lotion. Who doesn’t love smelling good, while carrying round a cute bottle?

Soap & Glory Hand Cream : It’s a must have, I can’t do without hand cream, since I have gardeners hand (super dry and rough)

Victoria Secret Clear balm – I wish I can get it again from somewhere it’s almost gone, why do they discontinue the awesome stuff 🙁

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park : If you are following me, you know I have been smitten by these glosses specially this shade, it’s literally a picnic in the park, which I wore today when we went out for a picnic at the park lol.

What kind of a bag do you carry – Big or small or no bag at all? Would love to know what are your purse essentials?

Bloopers :

When you are trying to take pictures lol, leave a hashtag for this picture I don’t think so it’s #joysofmotherhood, or maybe it is!