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It was so much fun doing 20 Question Beauty tag, that I thought of doing this fun tag. So without any further a-due lets jump right into it..

1. It’s 2am, what are you upto?

Had you asked me this question few years back, there would have been so many interesting things I would be doing, but as wisdom and age kicks in you are generally fast asleep by this time, lol.

2. Are you all time partier or home-body?

I’m boring, I love snuggling up at home, playing around with my daughter, watch youtube, blog or just fight with my husband haha.

3.What’s your phones lock screen background?

A collage of pictures from beautiful Insta-girl (n4tic‘s) account. 

4. Your dream vacation?

Anywhere on the beach, though I’d have to say Bora Bora or Hawaii or Bahama’s.

5. What was your first make-up product?

Revlon compact powder, which my mum gifted to me saying you should always use an SPF, and yes of-course it had an SPF.

6. 5 Products on your wishlist?

Well there are definitely more than 5, but I have done a full blogpost of the things I have been lusting over (here)

7. Worst Social Media site in your-point-of-view?

Has to be twitter, nothing against it, but I can never understand it, tweets disappear so fast and you can’t seem to put your finger on which tweet people are replying to any ways it’s way to confusing.

8. What freaks you out the most?

Spiders, I can’t stand, can’t even bare to look at them. Even the tiniest spider freaks me out like anything.

9. How would you react if all your make-up got stolen?

Hahaha, I would cry so much and probably won’t stop crying until I buy all of it back LOL.

10. Pet Peeves?

I can’t stand people chewing loudly drives me crazy… Arrrgggghhh.

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And any else who wishes to do this tag, would love to see your posts, don’t forget to leave your links below.