Friday Catch Up

Well it’s almost like a midnight catch-up and not really a Friday catch-up, but hey when are you wide away and have nothing better to do, then why not share whats been running on your mind. I would love to know what you do, when you are not able to fall a sleep?

Random Moment :

Any who, 22nd April was Earth Day, and I realised it when I saw a stream of beautiful nature’s pictures in my insta feed and luckily the very same day I had strolled my way to the park, embracing the spring beauty, white trees, pink trees, ducks and Geese, it’s exactly what celebration looks like in my head. 

And funny enough when I whipped out my giant DSLR, I was embarrassed when took like a baggilion year to capture one picture, and that very second a panic streak ran through my head — It’s TAMPERED!!

Only to realise when I got back home, that it was set on the self-timer mode of 10sec, hahahaha, silly awkward moments.

My Etsy Store :

Apart from that I had quite a busy week, designing blog for a sweet friend Anxhela ( if you fancy checking out, go visit her blog. With another order in my basket, I’m truly thrilled to be able to do what I’m absolutely loving at the moment. Even though I have no background in computers what-so-ever, and I’m in a self learning mode, I can’t feel any more ecstatic to see, what I have been able to create, Proud-moment guys! Ahem alright enough bragging, but before I stop, if you want any sort of help with your blog, check out my etsy store. And we shall get building – alright, stopping right away, with my shameless self branding.

Youtube :

Last but not the least, if you haven’t seen or know who +Essie Button  is, then you are missing a heck of a good laugh in your life, she is down right hilarious, casual and your internet friend, and if you haven’t watched her What’s In My Grandma’s Bag – boy you are missing a major dose of granny cuteness and humor. I just can’t stop re-watching that one. 

Yet another all time favourite youtuber has to +Rachel Talbott, her style, her life is truly a goal.

And oh it will be un-fair if I didnt mention +Zoella Yoga Challenge, it’s these awesome people who make a hectic day, a little less miserable and inject a dose of good humor and positivity.

What has your week been like? Who is your favourite youtuber ?