Background Ideas For Photography Under 10$ || Photography Tips

Instagram Photo Editing Ideas

Today I will be sharing about all the ‘it’ backgrounds that have been taking photography to another level, well at-least they have been a popular back-drop of blogosphere and instagram feed.

And here are the cheapest tips & tricks you need to know to make your pictures look far more appealing, I guess. So let’s begin shall we…

The endless looking background :

We all see pictures with a background that is pure white without any harsh edges,  giving an illusion of light filling up the space from behind without adding dullness to the picture, this is how I achieve it, I bought a large sheet of white card stoke and rest half sheet against my laptop flap and let half lay flat on the table, creating that curved rounded corner, it is this rounded edge which creates thes illusion go infinity,  and Voila I have my endless looking backdrop. Wasn’t it super easy and cheap?

The Marble Background :

On to the “it’s of it” photography background, you don’t have to be upset about not having a marble counter top or floor, all you really need is a Marble pattern vinyl self adhesive sticker paper, that you use to line the shelves. And a board to act as a surface. 

Measure the board, and cut the Vinyl sheet 2-3inches bigger than the actual board, stick it and you have it.

(I picked up this great idea from, you can also see the whole tutorial here) And it got me thinking about the endless backdrops you can create in this way.

WhiteWooden Table Background :

Not all of us have fancy tables lying around our house, and we don’t have to run out to get one either,  just go to any home department store where you can get wallpaper samples, take a large sample of a wood patterned sheet and you have a beautiful table without anyone knowing, (well at-least without any of your insta friends knowing).

For making this ugly table look posh and expensive, all I had to do was, to spread the ‘free-wallpaper-sample’ (I got from Wilko) over it.. Would you have ever guessed it, if I didn’t tell you this little secret of mine? Lol.

Similarly I got another wallpaper sample to play up with as a backdrop..

Hope this was helpful, and gave you some easy, cheap ideas to create a chic looking background, for your next insta pic 😉