Pillow Thoughts|| Random blabbering

Have you ever realised what a peaceful and deep sleep you go into after crying your heart out? Don’t ask me why I cried, I just did and slept like a baby, only waking up to a feeling, WOAH that was a sound sleep, up until I saw my face in the mirror, which scared me with a reflection of a person with puffy eyes and fish face. But yes, you get to take a beautiful nap during the day too, thanks to the tired eyes, haha, finally catching up with the much need sleep.

Is it just me or is there someone else too who can’t do a fishtail braid/french braid leave alone the dutch braid/waterfall braid and all of sorts of crazy braids on themselves just because it is the toughest arm workout EVERRR!! Arrgghh Whatever…

Or is it just me who watches hair tutorials in the middle of the night when ever one is sleeping and gets so inspired that they have run into the bathroom just to try that hairstyle on??

Yeah– now you know, why this a pillow thoughts Friday, cause you have the most random thoughts all together in that little to the longest span of lying on the bed to falling asleep.

With that being said it is a gorgeous sunny day, and I’m rocking my new favourite Loreal Color Riche Matt Lipstick VIP no. 288 yet another #essiebuttoneffect. Oh by the way there is a 3 for 2 offer all across the make-up going on in Boots, just letting you know.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and no crying, not even for a better sleep. Haha..




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