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Hello lovelies, today I thought I’d share what all I have been loving off late, from make-up (of course, duh!) to online reading, Instagram accounts, pictures, basically this post will have things from all over the place. So grab your self a hot cuppa or if it’s hot and humid outside sip on a refreshing ice-tea and lets jump right into this post baby…


Since, I’m try to use up all the stuff that I own, the previous months rotation products were, Revlon lip butter in Cotton Candy, Sugar Frosting and Loreal Lip Balm in tender mauve, which I manage to use up completely YAY!!!

Base wise I have been just using Mac mineralise Sheer/Loose powder. Since my skin is recovering from all the ugly break out, this is all that I have been for foundation ‘per-say’, on top of a Monu SPF 15 Primer which I got in my look fantastic beauty box, though its nothing like a primer, I feel it acts more like a thick sunscreen/moisturiser which I’m just trying to use up.

For under-eye I have been loving NYX orange concealer and Maybelline age rewind concealer, and it is the perfect combination to cover up those ugly under eye circles.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is all that I have been using and can’t stop using cause it is that good.

And lastly Loreal Super Liner Ultra Precison. Surprisingly I haven’t been gravitating towards a blush for some reason, maybe it’s the skin recovery phase and I’m just letting it breathe.


It’s my favourite social media site if you ask me. Here’s a list of my all time favourite accounts

(Though mind you these are all beauty accounts.)

But here are some of my non-beauty favourite pics 

            These Shoes *THESE SHOES*(Pc:Carolinacfon )    

Who can possibly say no to donuts and pancakes? I mean seriously WHO??
And doesn’t this pic make you drool all over the place (Pc: AmelieChristina)

Online Reads

This girl is relatively new at blogging I believe but this post Act of kindness is the best thing I read in a really long time, and her blog is so neat, simple and classy, that you’ll fall in love with her.

Yet another blog that I have been crushing over is thats-just-fabulous. I’m pretty sure a lot of you might already be following her.


I have been meaning to read a lot of books, but I just don’t seem to squeeze in some me-curled-up-in-a-chair-holding-a-book time. But I did manage to get my hands on #Girl boss, and I just wish to finish this book in one go but hail to the little monster, lets see in how many light years would I be able to get till the end 😉

What have you been loving? 



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