Monday Mornings|| Free Printable To-Do List

 Monday’s are rather painful start for some, but for me they are exciting, cause I always feel ‘hey-new-start-of-the-week’, yay! So I thought I’d do a Monday Moment series talking about what I’m thinking, motivational quotes, things I have been loving- just to pep you up for the long week ahead.

Hope this is interesting and you enjoy sticking around 🙂

What’s on my mind : I have been thinking about losing weight ever since it was legit time to lose baby fat, but I’m a slacker when it comes to being motivated, be it any lame excuse, for I’m feeding my baby and I’m constantly hungry, or I don’t have time. To make my self feel motivated I bought new pair of sport shoes but they are lying in my shoe closet cause I don’t want to ruin my “New Shoes”.. And before I bloat up like a big fat cow I thought of taking it slowly but steadily so instead of just putting myself through the torture of “the diet plan and murderous exercise routine” I thought of just cutting down on my sweet intake and some major control on the junk food hogging. I hope I last with this routine by the end of the week. And I will get back with how successful this little change was.

Watching : There are very few movies/series that me and my husband can agree on, it’s like the north and south pole trying to meet in the mid way, but we did manage to get on watching SUITS, though I would have to say we both sort of lost our interest in the fourth season, but with that being said the first season was epic, specially the first episode, hands down the best start of any series that I have ever watched.

Beauty Loving : I have been keeping it minimal for the past week, since my skins going through a weather change drama, have been totally loving Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara, Urban Decay Perversion and Ysl Tint-In-Oil in No.6.

Random : I have been quite into planing out meals and jotting down things that have to be done and all the important stuff, just to keep myself a bit more organised, rather than being super distracted which I usual am most of the time. And adobe illustrator has been a new toy to keep the creative monster inside me entertained and I have created few Meal Menu Planner, Monthly Calendars, wall art printable and  To-do list, which I would be sharing with you all on Monday Mornings. So if you would like to get them don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin’ to get daily updates.

Quote Of The Week : Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen – Blair Waldorf.

Signing off here, wishing you a beautiful week ahead and lots of good luck for whatever that you are looking forward to.

And here’s a little gift for you – Free Printable To-do List (make-up addict edition) Don’t forget to tell me how you like it? And what’s on your weeks agenda?

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