Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation/ Healthy Mix Serum Foundation|| Review & Comparison

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation

Before I jump into the review and comparison I just want to let you know my skin type : which is very normal with few dry spot here and there, it’s not too sensitive, nor too perfect with no break-outs, Hello we all breakout, and if you don’t then I’m seriously jealous of YOU!

With that being out I was in need of a good every day foundation, and I had been reading a lot of rave reviews about the healthy mix serum foundation, but when I saw any two Bourjois products for £11, I immediately grabbed these two.

Healthy Mix Serum Foundation :

If we go with the what we see to how it feels, I’d have to say the packaging is fairly decent with hygienic pump, which dispenses the correct amount of product unlike the MAC Prolong wear concealer pump(only if you know what I mean). Onto the product, I absolutely love the scent of it, it’s quite a lovely summer fruit smell, which doesn’t linger on your face for a long time. 

  Pros :

– Light-weight, blends easily and yet can be quite buildable.

– Light to medium coverage, perfect for everyday use.

– Natural finish, which is very fresh and dewy.

– Lovely scent 

  Cons :

– Definitely doesn’t last upto 16 Hrs as it claims.

– Transfers easily on the phone, (at-least thats wear I have actually seen it getting transferred every-time)

– Not a wide color range

(As you can see the texture of the two foundation, Healthy Mix Serum is much lighter in consistency)

Healthy Mix Foundation :

Similarly like the Healthy Mix Serum foundation it has a very pleasant scent. The packaging is a bit more bulky in comparison to the serum foundation. The only major difference that I felt between these two foundation is, this one is more foundation-foundation like, in the sense it’s thicker, a bit more heavier and cake-y, but not too cake-y in an unnatural way. And another difference that I felt was this does seem to oxidise after a couple of hours, unlike the serum foundation. This is perfect for evening date-night look, when you want to doll up for an occasion. And yes the color shade I picked up in this is a bit to dark for me.

Over-all I’d say Healthy mix serum foundation is perfect for daily use, if you are looking for an even-toned luminous and a healthy glowing complexion. It is the best drugstore foundation that I have used till date.


Healthy Mix Serum Foundation : 4.6/5

Healthy Mix  Foundation: 4/5

Which is your favourite drug-store foundation ?


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