Weekend DETOX

I mean imagine a week without hot water in this excruciating cold weather and a baby demanding for a bath. And to add cherry on the cake sleepless nights, thanks to the baby again, a living Nightmare! 

But we all have heard of this ‘in’ famous quote *this shall too pass* and so it did, leaving me exhausted and irritated.

But what more to ask for when you get few minutes of quiet to pamper your-self, on a weekend (and YES, people few minutes when you have an over-enthusiatic toddler, a few minutes of solaces seems to be a lifetime of rejuvenation)

Speaking of which, I enjoyed doubling up the mask routine, by using a detox face mask followed by a hydrating mask, with some eye-patches on(which I tried for the first time), while flipping through magazine and sipping my favourite hazelnut hot chocolate, ahhh a deliciously perfect end to a seemingly long and a torturous week.

What has your week been like? How do you indulge in pampering yourself after a stressful week?