Must Have Beauty Tools: 101

beauty tools


When it comes to grooming, specially my brows, I like it to be done by someone I trust, or I can totally get away with doing it myself. And since college I have managed to do my eye-brows and my upper-lip, (if you are like me, then your upper lip area needs some love & attention and needs to go through the painful bits of threading/waxing, and letting that female-mustache grow wild, ain’t a pretty my friends!) 

So I thought I’d share the tools that have helped me keep human looking all along these years.

1. Tweezerman tweezers : The slanted ones are the best I feel, they are more precise specially when you are shaping and grooming the brows.

2. Spoolie : A must have to comb through your brows before taming them, or they can even be used to tame fly-aways, or separate lashes after the whole mascara shebang!

3. Scissors : A pair of scissors is a pair of scissors you don’t need any explanation for this, it’s just a basic essential tool.

4. Epicare Hair Removal Spring : This has been a life saver, it’s so handy and easy to use, you won’t want to go back to the parlour to get your upper lip done. It’s the best companion for traveling. Though it might take a while to get the hang of it, but once you do, you will come back and thank me for it (if you didn’t know about it already). 

5. Crystal Nail File: I love the crystal nail file over the old traditional one, cause it doesn’t burn my fingers while filing them, and just gives a smooth finish unlike that chalk border feeling the traditional nail file gave, plus this one from Sephora comes in a case, making it super handy for traveling.

These are my absolute-can’t-live-without tools. What are your most essential beauty tool? Don’t forget to share in the comments down below.

P.S. I don’t know why I used 101 in the title, I think it just felt fancy, Hahaha!