A Beautiful Situation

If you have been with me here on my blog, since the beginning or maybe since past few weeks/months, then you would have noticed few changes in the blog.

Over the weekend I managed to re-do my blog, in terms of layout and few things that were bothering me are fixed now, Yay!

While re-doing my blog, it made me realise the real reason why I started blogging, and I did a blogpost about it on the other blog, if you are interested here’s the link. So I thought of starting a new series on this blog, about all the experience I have gained through blogging, little blogging tips and trick, blog decorating codes and even share the editing apps that I use to edit my pictures with.

This whole thing has made me so happy and content in terms of playing with my creativity that I absolutely wait for the week to begin, and my husband to go to work so that I can get onto my rambling bits. 

With that being said, I want to take blogging a bit more seriously (in a fun way, of-course), and try to stick to a schedule with 3 posts/week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). And if I miss any, please forgive me, cause with a hyper-active toddler sometimes things get out of control.

And I would love to hear from you all, what you would like to read, or to be reviewed, it would help me in planning for future posts. 

Thank you for all your love and support. Truly means a lot to me.