6 Tips: To Make Your Blog Look More Attractive

blogging tips

After spending an awfully whole lot of time on scrutinising and analysing what made certain blogs so  popular (like Galmeetsglam, Racheltalbott, TheSundayGirl), I realised not only their content was meaningful, right on point and beautifully written, but the over-all presentation, aesthetics and the layout of the blog was appealing too, that kept the audience intrigued, and hang around for more time.

So here are few basic tips that might help you build a more user friendly blog :

1. Resize Image : Before resizing, always make sure your blogpost has some beautiful pictures, it makes the blog a whole lot better place to stalk, and to stick around. 

Now imagine people dancing in a small cramped up dance floor without following any rhythm, Chaotic! Same goes with the images. Having images of different dimension can kill the whole appeal of the blog-post, for that reason all images should be resized in the same dimension, if the process of resizing the images, bothers you, then you can set the size of image to extra large.

And here is the CSS code that will automatically resize the image to fit into the width of 640px.

.post-body img {

width : 640px; <!-- The width of your post -->


2. Text Alignment :  Same goes for the text alignment, you want to justify the alignment of the text, this can be achieved by selecting the last alignment option which looks something like this Having the image and text aligned, can give your blog a professional and a neat look. Here’s the CSS code that can help you to keep your text justified.

.post-body {

text-align: justify;


Also make sure your width of the blog is set to 1065px with 310px width of the side bar, this will further help you to keep the text/image alignment in symmetry.

3. Navigation : Make sure navigating around your blog is an easy process, this can be achieved by having a wide, accessible search bar and Archive option, and if you have enough post to establish a Linkwithin Gadget, make sure you install it, this way other posts are made visible, and chances are people will stay on your blog for a longer time.

4. Catchy Titles : Nothing out of the blue, but give your blogpost a simple yet catchy title (like How-to …..). The catchier the title, higher the rate of clicks on that post. And always try to search those titles on google, if they are on popular search, then chances are, your audience would be interested too.

5. Jump-Links and Demarkation : If your post is rather long, and has lot of images, make sure to add a jump link – stating Read More/Continue reading. This way it’s easier for your audience to scroll through your blog and choose what they would like to read in detail.

Also make sure there is some sort of demarkation, separating each blog-post, by a faint line, or shadow box, whatever that suits your blog theme. That way it creates less confusion and separates each post.

6. Social Media Share Option : If people like what they read, they like to share it too, so make sure the share social media option is enabled. You can enable it by going to, My Blog – Layout –

BlogPost(edit) and check on (✓) Show Social Media Button. And if you want to customise your share social media button according to the theme of your blog here’s the link which explains beautifully how you can customise your share button.

Hope this was helpful. And gave you some helpful tips to make your blog a little more presentable.

Disclaimer : I’m not a computer engg, or anyone who know CSS coding/html, these are the codes that have helped me design my blog, and hence I’m sharing it with you all.