Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

younique 3d lash mascara

I had seen quite a lot of pictures rolling all over the instagram lately about 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, and I’m sure you must have too. And I always wondered is it really true???

And since I had zero knowledge of what it was, and how it worked, I couldn’t believe what it did. So finally when I received it, is when I understood the whole concept. And after a bit of research on it, I found out that there have been other products like this, like the Too Faced Better than False Lashes (something like that), but the problem with that is, it comes with white fibers, which might be a lot of work, since you would have to cover each fiber with the transplanting gel otherwise it would look like, some one hit you right in the face with a giant snow ball 😉

What you need to know about this :

*Paraben Free

*Carcinogen Free

*Free from Harmful Chemicals


*Cruelty Free

*Gluten Free

*Water and Sweat Resistant! (think Hot Yoga!) Not waterproof, but water resistant

*Fibers made from real tea fibers

*Gel has collagen which helps build stronger natural lashes

*All ingredients are thoroughly researched before use in products
*$29 for a 2 month supply

*If you don’t love it, you can return it within 14 days, guaranteed

What you will get :

* Transplanting gel: which looks like a regular mascara, but it is more like a glue for those fibers to stick onto.

* Fibers : This is what makes those eyelashes look naturally longer, fuller and thicker. And the good part is, its black. Made from real tea fiber

How to use it :

1. Apply a thin coat of your favourite mascara, followed by a coat of transplanting gel.

2. While the transplanting gel is still wet apply the fibers from mid-way till the tips of the lashes, avoid applying the fibers onto the roots (to keep them from falling into your eyes, which can cause irritation).

3. While the fibers are setting, repeat step 1 & 2 onto the other lash.

4. Once  your fibers are set, apply another coat of transplanting gel to lock the fibers in place.

Pro’s :

* Beautiful longer and fuller lashes

* You can use is in multiple ways to fit to your style and taste.

* Quite build-able.

* Easy to use, unlike putting on fake lashes.

* Long Wearing

* Water resistant and Sweat resistant

* But easily comes off with eye makeup remover

Con’s :

*Little time consuming (but once you are used to this is not an issue)

* It can tend to get onto your eye-lids while applying (then again which regular mascara doesn’t do that, but is easy to clean up).
* Fibers tend fall in your eyes, causing irritation.

* Price point can be a bit of an issue for some (but nothing over the top as compared to higher end stuff)

Final Thought’s :

I absolutely love this stuff, it’s amazing as I have always wanted to have longer and fuller lashes for special occasions without going through the whole process of applying fake lashes. Absolutely love it, but I won’t wear it on regular bases as I’m not much of a make-up wearer on day to day life. Though I feel the packaging of it, is a waste of material as it comes in a giant cases, which by the way I repurposed for keeping my glasses. 

(1st Picture : wearing regular mascara, 2nd Picture : Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara)

If you are like me who doesn’t like wearing fake lashes or find it difficult to wear them, this can be a good alternative for adding oodles of oomph to your glamorous look, or  maybe have flirty, fluttery lashes (say that 10 times though flirty fluttery haha) with no make-up, makeup look, the possibilities are endless. And if you want to grab one for yourself, here’s the link to it.

Hope this was helpful, do share your thoughts on which is your favourite mascara and would you rather prefer wearing mascara or fake eye-lashes.