Winter Essential Tag

Hello, Hello beautiful faces, how’s the weather like where you are living? It’s getting pretty cold out here, with super chilled breeze. So today I thought I would team up with a beautiful instagrammer named : ascurrentlypending from, and do a winter essential tag. So don’t worry about the first six questions they are been answered on her blog, so don’t forget to visit the blog for the rest of the Q&A.
So without any further a due, lets jump right into it 🙂

Q7 Is berry eye the new berry lip?

Samileen : Even though I love berry eye-look, but I’m a die-hard fan of berry lips. 

Favourite berry lip colour would have to be from drugstore, bit of berry by maybelline.

Ascurrentlypending : Halle Berry and Lisa Eldridge has been
 wearing berry eyes.  

 And if they wear it – then it’s in for me. I love the look of it, 

especially the ‘chocolate berry eyes’ 

Lisa Eldridge created. It was stunning.

Q8 Whats on your nails ?

Samileen : As soon its around this time of the year, I automatically switch to glittery polishes 

and My Favourite Ornamaent From OPI has to be my all time favourite now.

Ascurrentlypending : Formula X for Sephora in Obsessed. Love dark reds

and dark blues. Dark reds are just so 

professional looking.

Q9 Winter Indulgence

Samileen :  Kate Spade Hand Gloves, with bows.  

Ascurrentlypending : Any L’occitane hand creams. Especially anything  

with their almond oil, smells divine.

 Q10 Random essential ?

Samileen : Hats and Scarves. Not only they are snuggly but
they are fun to accessorise wintery outfits.

Ascurrentlypending : I love scarves during winter season. Currently loving the  

huge Zara one – it was love as soon as I saw it.

Q11 Favourite Drink ? 

Samileen : Smore’s Hot Chocolate (here’s the Recipe


Ascurrentlypending : Water and Starbucks. Love their caramel macchiato 

upside down, of course.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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