Tips : For Hand Care

How ugly would it be to have a beautiful well taken care off face and ageing hands ? And often times we do neglect our hands. So here are few tips that can save your hands from looking older than your face.

1. Moisturise : Use any kind of lotion, but the best thing I find for moisturising is applying Olive oil/coconut oil, basically some sort of an oil before slathering on body butter or hand cream. Even ghee is wonderful for locking in the moisture and making your hands feel super soft.

And always carry a hand lotion in your purse.

2. Scrub : It removes dead skin and make moisture absorption better, best scrub for hands is a home-made one, and we all know of this one, take sugar, lime juice and scrub-a-dub-dub. You can even use sea-salt, lime juice, some peppermint essential oil and few drop of Vitamin-e oil.

3. Sunscreen : Always apply Sunblock before leaving your home. Not just your face get pre-mature wrinkles even your hands do, so take good care of them.

4. Wear hand gloves : before washing your dishes or cleaning. (I learned my lesson the hard way), but prevention is better than cure.

5. Apply Cuticle Oil : Massage some cuticle oil before going to bed, not only it repairs your cuticles, but it helps in nail growth too. My favourite one has to be the one from the body shop.

6. Massage : your hands daily but rubbing them together and then slowly pressing your pressure points.

7. Indulge : And if possible go for regular manicures. Because getting pampered never hurts

Even though we all probably might be familiar with all these things, but a little reminder never hurts. Take Care.

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Disclaimer : Not my hands and not my picture 😉