Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash Review

What The Product Claims : 

Daily care face wash cleanses refreshes and moisturises all skin types. Rinse away daily dirty, make-up and impurities with this naturally foaming, gentle face wash. Organic rose geranium essential oil will help restore the skin’s natural balance and clear a dull, sluggish complexion.

Organic Surge Daily Care Natural Actives :

➸ Rose geranium essential oil – helps restore skin’s natural balance and clears sluggish skin circulation.
➸ Aloe Vera – calms & moisturises skin.
➸ Frankincense – has soothing and relaxing properties, promoting facial skin cell rejuvenation by improving blood circulation
➸ Vitmain E – a naturally derived ingredient with anti-oxidant properties, helping to reduce skin inflammation or irritation,.
➸ Natural glycerin – natural humectants which attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft.

Suitable For : All skin types.

Hot/Not Product ?

Hands down its absolutely the best face wash I have ever used. Though I don’t have sensitive or acne prone skin, touchwood I have a very well behaved skin, with few zits here and there, with that advantage I have tried many face washes, but after few washes either they were too drying, or if they suited me a realisation of nasty chemicals in them made me look for the best face wash in the market, and I have to say this one fulfils all my needs. 

What I Love About This :

➸ Contains NO parabens, sulphates or any nasty chemicals

➸ Made up of skin friendly natural ingredients with the goodness of rose geranium essential oil and  

➸ Removes dirt, oil or makeup.

➸ Leaves the skin squeaky clean, without stripping off its natural oil.

➸ Amazing rose fragrance

➸ Cruelty free
➸ Sensitive skin friendly
➸ User friendly packaging, (sturdy plastic bottle, with a pump – which dispenses perfect amount of
     product avoiding any wastage.)

Not So Loving facts :

➸ Bit expensive.

➸ Not Readily available in India.

Retails at : Rs 640/- or $20 for 200ml you can buy this face wash here here and here

Organic Surge is award winning skin care brand from the UK, you can visit the website here .

Overall rating : 5/5

I will definitely be re-purchasing it again. Have you tried this, or which is your favourite face wash ? Don’t forget to leave your precious thoughts and comments.