Lazy Girls Guide

lazy girls guide

   We all have those days, where we might have spent an extra few minutes in the bed, or scrolling through social media, or  just maybe like me, you might have a sword named husband hanging over your head, which ever reason it might be, still you want to look put together and pretty when you step out of the house.

Here are some of my must have, go-to products when I’m in a rush.

1. BB Cream : Don’t panic if you don’t have one, you can make one yourself, just mix 1-2 drops of foundation with 2-3 drops of your regular face cream, and you have an instant bb cream, apply all over your face and neck just the way you would apply your moisturiser daily.

2. Concealer : If you have under eye circles or few blemishes quickly conceal them using your favourite concealer. Mine has to be Maybelline’s age rewind concealer, easy to use, super blend-able, light-weight and great coverage.

3. Mascara : You don’t want to leave the house with foundation all over your eye-lids making you look like a zombie, pump up those lashes with at least one coat of mascara. Instant awakened eyes. And don’t forget to tight-line your upper lash line with eyeliner, for creating an illusion of having fuller lashes.

4. Brows : Fix those browzie brows, if you are blessed with fuller brows then you can get away with combing it and keep them in place by using a clear brow gel but if you are someone like me who needs to make them look a bit human I think benefits gimme brows is the best option for on the go, its easy to use, darkens the eyebrows and yet makes them look super natural.

5. Lip Gloss : This is much more forgiving and effortless as compared to lipstick. My preference has to be a clear gloss, its just the perfect way to enhance your natural lip shade, making them look prettier. Else any lipgloss peachy-nude or pink is a good option.

6. Blush : And if you have an extra minute to spare just pop on some colour on your cheeks. Nars Orgasm is one blush, that would suit almost every skin tone and looks absolutely gorgeous. If you are in a hunt for a good blush definitely check this out.

And if you don’t have enough time to do your hair just put on a hat, not only will it save you from winter chills, but it’s super cute, chic and no one will ever know you are having a bad hair day 😉

And you are out the door in probably 5-10 minutes.

Hope so it was helpful. And don’t forget to share your favourite on the go products. Would love to know 🙂


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