Evening : Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skincare, I like to keep it simple, A- for I don’t have whole lot of time, thanks to the baby sticking around my feet, and creating a crazy mess in the bathroom, and B I can be quite lazy too, so I like to keep it super quick yet effective.

Night Time Skin Care Routine.

1. I like to take off my make-up if I’m wearing any. My favourite way of removing is to use a cleanse off oil, that way I can give my self a mini massage session while loosening up my make-up. And it doubles up as a cleanser, specially great for those lazy nights, when you can totally skip using a cleanser afterwards.

2. That being said I like to go ahead and clean my face with my favourite face wash, I have a whole review on it (here), and use a face loofa to gently exfoliate my face.

3. Love, love, love Ole Henriksen, truth collagen boasting serum, I mean the name itself is promising. I guess once you start using this it is hard to switch over to something else. 

4. I like to give some love to my eyes, specially after being so super mean and harsh to them, (well that’s a story left for another day). I like to layer up two products for extra nourishment, Ole Henriksen’s truth in the eye’s peel, and a thin layer of Kiehl’s Mid-Night recovery eye cream, this has significantly helped in reducing under-eye circles and made the over-all eye area look much better.

5. Followed by massaging Mid-Night recovery oil treatment all over my face and neck. Love this stuff. It’s light weight doesn’t feel greasy or oily, absorbs into the skin quickly. Highly recommend if you are someone who has crossed your mid 20’s you better start taking care 🙂

6. And oh lastly I slap on some lip balm before snoozing off, and if I don’t have any balm sticky around I would simply apply my eye cream.

Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share what you use and love? And I’m looking for a good lip-balm so don’t forget to comment below which is your favourite?


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Disclaimer : All products were purchased with my own money.