Anastasia Brow Wiz Vs Soap & Glory Archery

Browsing through the beauty aisle in Boots, I saw Soap & Glory Archery(£8), and I immediately grabbed it, as it looked a lot similar to Anastasia Brow Wiz.

After giving it a whirl for a couple of weeks I’m finally doing this comparison post. Usually it happens that one product is rather more loved than the other, but in this case, its almost a tie. 

Not only the packaging is similar, with a brush on one end and a twisty pencil on the other, but the size is also identical. Which makes it super handy and easy to use.

Formula wise, they are quite similar too, solid-waxy, but the only difference that I found was Soap & Glory one can tend to smudge a little. But it’s almost unnoticeable, unless if you are someone who almost has to draw their brows then this could be a major issue. Again if you draw your brows then another issue with Archery is, shade limitation, as it comes only in two shades, in that case Brow wiz is the perfect option for you, as they are the brow specialist.

But if you are like me and can get away, with the hot chocolate shade for the brunettes, or as a matter of fact the blonde shade, then you can totally save some bucks, as it is almost half the price of Brow Wiz (i.e. £15.50)

Hope this comparison post was helpful!

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