5 Tips For Glowing/Healthy Skin

Being blessed with good skin, I didn’t really bother taking care of it.  But with ageing times (yes I like dramatising, I’m not that old ;)), I realised that taking good care of your skin is not only essential but a blessing for your old age.

Here are my favourite skin care tips from over the years of test and trials.

1. Hydration : I know we all have heard this a gazzillion times but how conscious are we about hydrating our body. To combat this forgetfulness,  I decided to fix times through out the day to at-least drink minimum of 8 glasses of water. It wasn’t hard as I started drinking 2 glass soon after I woke up, 2 glass before lunch, 2 before dinner, and 2 before snoozing off. And this little conscious effort has now become an unforgettable habit.

Tip : One thing I learned while reading about Korean skin-care, is to splash lots of cold water in the morning, and has it been super awaking or what? But seriously after doing this not only I feel mentally alter and awake but my skin has been quite plump and supple.

2. Deep Cleaning : My favourite way of cleansing is not a typical scrubbing followed by a face-wash. Mostly every night before going to bed I love to spend some time cleaning up days long dirt and oil residue on my face, to do this I splash my face with warm water for a good minute or two and then I go ahead and massage my face with almond oil/coconut oil/ olive oil (this depends on what the weather has been like) for few minutes again, followed by scrubbing and face-wash and rubbing ice on my face.

Tip : Splashing cold water or gently rubbing ice on your face helps to close all opened pores.

3. Treatments : Who doesn’t love pampering their skin. I love facials and massages but lets get real it’s not possible to get treatments done as often as we like. My favourite way to pamper without spending a lot of time is by using facial mask.

The best way to do this is apply an exfoliating mask followed by a hydrating mask to give yourself that special treatment. And my favourite mask combination has to be Glam Glow’s YouthMud Mask & Thirsty mud hydrating mask. OMG I can’t bare the fact how ridiculously over priced they are, but I just can’t stop using them, they are that good.

Tip : Easy at home DIY mask can be a good alternative too. Some of my favourite DIY exfoliating mask recipes here & here. And hydrating mask recipe here .

4. Eye Care : You don’t want to neglect your eyes after all they are the window to your soul, plus who wants crows feet and baggy eyes? Always make sure to hydrate your under-eye area, either a good eye cream or if you don’t like spending on eye creams the best of best is my favourite almond oil, it’s light, won’t clog your pores, doesn’t break you out, hydrates and even helps reducing dark circles.

Tip : Every once or twice a week apply this mask for extra hydration and it even helps reduced under eye circle to some extend.

      Eye Mask Recipe: (this mask can you used on your face too)

+ 2Tsp Ground Almonds.
+ Few Drops Of Almond Oil
+ Pinch Of Turmeric
+ 2Tsp Yoghurt

5. Facial Mist : A good way to refresh, hydrate and tone your face through out the day. Again you can  make one yourself, there are tones of DIY recipes online. But my favourite one has to be Acure facial toner balance rose + red tea .

Hope you enjoyed this post. And don’t forget to share your tips on skin-care.

Xoxo, Samilee.