Hi and Welcome to abeautydetour. I don’t know when, how it started, but now its a part of me. I remember the time when I hated even putting an eyeliner(kajal), and my cousin told me once you start wearing it, I bet you can’t live without it. Guess what, she was absolutely right !!! And now eyeliner is not makeup for me, it’s like clothes for my eyes and I can’t walk out the door without it.

I don’t wear as much make-up as I own, but I guess collecting make-up gives me some kind of kick. So let’s just say I’m a fickle minded, makeup hoarder with a camera and internet connection 😉

So welcome to my beauty confessions, with a taunt of mascara, a swipe of lipstick, some sprinkle of sparkly glow pinky promise to keep you entertained with whatever that’s stored in my drawers 🙂



What Ethnicity are you?

I’m Indian.

What foundation shade are you? 

Mac Studio Sculpt NC 35/37

Armani Maestro No.6

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation In Syracuse

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer In Almond

What Blogger platform do you use?

I use blogger, I find it is quite easy to handle and customize, specially if you are a newbie and don’t want to invest in a template design. Blogger is the easiest. But incase you are interested in a simple chic pre-made affordable template then you might want to check out my etsy store (whats a blog for, when you can’t add a shameless plugin ;)). Or need some help with coding here are some blogpost that might help you.

Which camera and equipments do you use ?

I use Canon 600D, with the 50mm 1.8f lens (most of the times), and sometime 18-55mm lens. Tripod, RC remote (for selfies and OOTD), reflector and these things for backgrounds.

What Lighting do you use ?

This is the most frequently asked question, I use Natural light only. I don’t have fancy stuff. But I’m planning to get a ring light soon or the box lights. But until then early hours of the day is the only time I get to take the pictures for blog.  But here’s a little helpful post to brightening up pictures incase you interested in knowing how I brighten up mine.