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24 June 2016

The Every Day Gloss Edit

Burberry Kisses, Buxom Dolly, Chanel Lipgloss

There is no beating a good neutral gloss!
Lip gloss has been my all time favorite product. It's girly, it's chic and can make you look pulled together in one swipe of a color. And the glossier the better. And when you find the perfect go-to color with "that" immaculate formula, then you know it, it will be living in your handbag.

16 June 2016

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation Review

Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

Love the demi matt, healthy looking skin finish?

I'm talking about Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation* $64 - "it's said to be SPF infused skin perfecting, lightweight coverage. With waterless suspension of volatile oils and pigments to allow ultimate comfort and weightless coverage".

12 June 2016

Spoil Your Father This Father's Day || Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day Luxe Gift Guide

 "Any given day, all you need for strength is your father's hand on your shoulder and suddenly all the burden of the world is nothing but feathers!"

That's the charm of a dad/daddy/papa - and for us he is our Baba! The one person who brightens up the day with his quick witted humor and at the same time scares the shit out of us with his temper. There is no denying the fact that each father represents that pillar of strength that we can lean on throughout our lives. From the age when we held his finger in the busy markets to even this day when we consider ourselves independent, each person still believes that "their dad can do anything". Such is the power of the relationship between a father and his children. So this one's to celebrate the first love of every daughter and every son's superhero.

08 June 2016

The Spring/Summer Lovin' Tag

Spring /Summer Beauty Tag

One of my big time shopping enablers when it comes to beauty, is Nida, I feel her taste is so much like mine, and specially our skin tone seems to be on the same color range, so I feel whatever suits her would kind of look nice on me automatically. And that is the agony of visiting her blog,  every time she mentions a lip shade, specifically, I'm like - I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE! Basically she is one of my favorites and when she tagged me to do this post I was super excited! So here are my spring pretties :

06 June 2016

The Year Round Nail Polish Edit

Year round nail polish

I know it's so cliched to have colors define seasons. But it's so true that colors can have such a statement of their own when it comes to defining a period. Corals, pinks and bright blues for spring/summer and vampy dark shades for fall/winter.

03 June 2016

Why It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Facial Scrub Brush

Who doesn't love deep cleaning their face after a long day?

Well at-least I love the feeling of having clean skin, specially after a long day of full face of makeup. And with sonic technology brush head thingamajig, everyone seems to love clarisonic, panasonic, olay and there are a ton of other similar facial scrub brushes in the market. To be completely honest, I did briefly try the brush face cleansers, but never seemed to get along with them. Just for the fact, they felt a bit too abrasive and left my skin feeling dry.

02 June 2016

Top Six Matt Lipsticks For Summer

Summer matt lipsticks

Love bright fun colors?

Since it's about that time of the year, where just a bright pop of color on the lips is all it takes to radiate that zesty summer vibe. From peachy corals, to vibrant poppy reds, to even that electric fuchsia. Everyone loves the colorful summertime. Though I might not be the biggest matt lipstick fan. But with amazingly velvet smooth matt formula's, even I'm drawn towards them.

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