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08 January 2017

Best Palettes Of 2016

best palettes of 2016

Hello, Hello, and welcome back! Well to start off, Happy New Year Guys. 

Now I don't know what has been putting me off to open up my laptop again and get back into swing of things. I think I'm still delusional with all the holiday fun and trip and still pretty much laid back. Despite trying to make resolutions and getting started with a banging start, I'm enjoying the snow and slow process of recovering. Well long story short this is my first official post of 2017 and I'm rather excited to share with you guys few of my favorites from 2016. And I'm breaking it down in few categories. Here's my first one,  favorite palettes of the year.

21 December 2016

What's In My Handbag (Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel Bag) || Winter-Edition || #blogmas Day 9

What's in my handbag winter essentials

Now I'll be honest, I have serious hots for Givenchy Antigona bag which is beyond by league and budget at the moment. So I was frantically searching for a bag which had similar vibes to it. And there are pretty much a lot of companies that have "dupes" as you may call it. But this one just spoke to my heart. So I had to get. Plus a black bag is a wardrobe essential. And if you haven't heard me rant about this bag then you know, I was in need for a good sturdy/fancy black bag.

20 December 2016

Before We Say Goodbye To 2016 || #blogmas day 8

Things to do this holiday season

I remember time moving at the speed of a snail when I was in school. I would look at my watch and think almost an hour has passed only to realize its been freaking five minutes since I last looked at it. That was the mayhem the clocks caused back then. And today, it feels like its been only a few minutes since I started writing a new blogpost, and look up to find the entire evening has passed by. Let alone how amazed I feel when the entire year just slips by and you realize how you were charged up 11 months back for a new start. And all you look back at, is, the usual redundant life you have been living for the past year, Again!

14 December 2016

Everyday Winter Makeup Edit || #blogmas Day 7

Winter Makeup bag edit

When it comes to makeup I like to keep it really, really simple yet classic. I think that's my overall take whenever do I my makeup be it any occasion. I like to give the illusion of well rested and"I  woke up like with perfect skin" vibe. Even though that might not be the case and I would have delayed everything in the being just to get that look.

12 December 2016

Beauty Moment With Rodial || #blogmas Day 6 + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Rodial Makeup review

Rodial beauty

With the holiday season in full swing. There is so much to look forward to. Gifts, decor, parties, get togethers, laughter, smiles and  full blast of heaters. That makes it even more essential to take care of yourself. And it was super exciting when Rodial let me try some of there amazing products. Which honestly I wouldn't have discovered myself. Since I haven't heard anyone talk much, about them here around the bloggers world.

09 December 2016

DIY Stocking Gift Bag || #blogmas Day 5

Diy stocking gift bag

Holiday season brings in a lot of excitement, color, glitter, glamor and gifts. And so does the task of gift wrapping. If you are someone who loves crafty things then gift wrapping doesn't seems like a chore, rather it is a fun activity that triggers your creative side.
Well I love art and crafts basically anything creative can get me distracted easily. So I thought of making my own gift bags, tags and ornaments this festive season. And this gift bag that I'm about to show you (well you already saw it before reading this but hey),  is a two in one product. You can either use it to give gifts or you can hang it over the fire place as a decorative stocking, whichever way you use it, it is a fantastic little project that you can indulge into or enjoy with your kids.

07 December 2016

Sephora VIB Sale Haul || #blogmas Day4

Sephora VIB Haul

Walking in Sephora is like walking in a candy store with the desire to come out with a bag full of candies and a happy face. And it gets even sweeter when there is a SALE! 
Like any needy kid I had my desire to fill my bag with as many things as possible. So I did end up getting few bits and bobs which I have been wanting to try for ages. And guess what without paying a penny (*inserts a shocking face emoji*)! And if you haven't read this post where I share my secret to  penny-less Sephora shopping spree then I encourage you to check it out.

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