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21 October 2016

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette || Review and Swatches

urban decay full spectrum palette

Urban Decay full spectrum palette, a limited holiday edition palette, which will be retailing for $55. Is launching on 26th of October at Urban Decay, followed by that it will be retailed in the other stores.

18 October 2016

5 Night Time Habits To Make Your Mornings Positive And Energetic

how to make your morning positive and energetic

"Clutter - isn't just the stuff in your closet. Its anything that comes in between you and your life that you want to be living, whether its in your home, in your head,  in your heart or on your hips." - Peter Walsh
Let's admit not everyone has that megawatt energy to jump out of bed and say it's a fabulous day and lets get crackin'. Its more-so-like, we have come into this world and we need to survive yet another day, and with that thought drag ourselves out of the bed! And if we kick start our day with the wrong note, we end up finding faults in every little situation through out the day to make things stressful and negative for our own good.

14 October 2016

How To Grow Your Hair Faster || Tips For Growing Longer Hair.

How to grow hair longer and faster

So you want to grow your hair longer and faster?

I know how frustrating it can be when it comes to growing your hair. I have struggled for years and never had the patience to grow my hair. Every time it would reach a certain length I would give into the temptation of having shorter hair and chop them off. Or sometime as luck would have it a bad hair dresser who thinks he knows it all, would end up cutting more than you anticipate. Either way, one bad decision can leave you upset and frustrated.

13 October 2016

Worth The Splurge? - Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen In Deeper (Review)

Tom Ford eye defining pen - Review

If you are someone who hates to spend ridiculous amount of money on an eyeliner, then you probably might want to skip out of this post, right now. Yes I'm talking about an eye-wateringly expensive eye liner - Tom Ford eye defining pen in Deeper (a whooping $56).

07 October 2016

Fall Transition Wardrobe Essentials

timeless fall transitional wardrobe essential

If you haven't guessed it by now, how fall obsessed I'm then welcome to yet another fall themed blog post. 
It is that weird fun time of the year, where days can be chilly that you feel it's going to be a long wait until we reunite with the gorgeous warm sunshine, and then there are those days where you pack yourself up before leaving the house and find your self sweating like a pig. So today I thought I'd share few  wardrobe essential that I think are perfect for that in between phase.

05 October 2016

Clear Skin Guide || 15 Tips To Having Healthy Radiant Skin

tips on how to get clear skin

Since skin is a widely talked subject, and with the kind of lifestyle we have been living we end up over stressing our skin, sometimes. The never ending quest for getting the 'perfect' skin can lead to trying some products which are not even worth experimenting in the first place. That's when free blogging samples can end up proving not such great of a choice when it comes to following a skincare regime. Because you always end up testing out new products every now and then. And even though I'm not quite an acne prone skin types, I do have crazy flare ups every once in a while and it ends up driving me nuts.

24 September 2016

How To Contact Brands/PR's For Samples For Your Blog

How to get beauty pr samples

Okay, my head is still spinning thinking about it's been over a year (almost going to be two years), since I started blogging. As much scared and confused I was about starting a blog, and how will I tell my family and friends, maybe they will make fun of me, maybe they will think what a waste of time. Will anyone read my blog, and will there be any negativity associated with it? While in the midst of all the wondering, fearing and typing and putting myself out into the internet world, I started having fun, meeting new bloggers and discovering new blogs became a happy hours job.

And in a blink of an eye a year passed, with lots of learning and so I thought I'd share with you today, how to reach brands/ PR's as a blogger.

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