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01 December 2016



So are we all geared up for Christmas? As much as the whole festive season excites me, the thought of celebrating my blog around the same time becomes even more sweeter. It's been two years when I gave up on the fear of being accepted or not, mocked or not and just took the plunge and wrote my very first blogpost (which I'm super embarrassed about). And without realizing we spun around two whole blogging years and didn't celebrate the first one - duhhh!! (I thought I did though). But this year I really wanted to celebrate this space which has given me a sense of accomplishment, it's been my little creative outlet and nothing less than a liberator.

21 November 2016

Derma Flash Facial Exfoliating System || First Impressions

Derma flash review
DERMAFLASH - It's a spa inspired kit, that helps to gently exfoliated the skin, removes dead skin and even that pesky peach fuzz. Lets just say Fuzzy to fabulous in a flash??

Well, when it comes to skin care I love keeping it simple and super effective at the same time. As much as I would love to get regular facials and fancy treatments done, I always find myself occupied and lazy to make my way to the med spas and salons. So having a device (Dermaflash*) that promises to give the fantastic results of dermaplaning at home is just marvelous.

16 November 2016

Face-Off || Michael Kors Saddle Crossbody VS Rebecca Mink-off AVERY

Michael Kors Versus Rebecca Minkoff

Hello, hello! I know things have been rather slow here on the blog. Thanks to my old dying macbook, who's screen was broken and I couldn't see a thing. But we did manage to bring it back from the grave and it seems to be working just fine for now. 

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting a new series called "Face-off". I know it does sound a bit intimidating and WWE sorts, even though I'm not a fanatic of mainstream physical bouts. But how many times do we find our selves standing in a shop comparing two products trying to escape from the eyes of a judgmental salesperson? Well to save you from the misery, here's a new segment "Face-off" where the idea behind it is to compare two bags or any fashion or beauty bits around the same price point and somewhat of similar style, to see which ones actually worth stand up for.

10 November 2016

How To Earn Free Sephora Gift Card

Earn Free Sephora Gift Card

Want to earn free Sephora gift cards?

Yes, you heard me right. If you are a regular follower of this blog then I'm sure you are huge beauty lover and as big of a fan of Sephora as I'm. Otherwise why would you come here lol. Since VIB sale starts from tomorrow until the 14th, here are few ways that you can earn your Sephora gift card and shop there without feeling guilty or breaking your bank.

03 November 2016

Lovin' Lately || October Edit

October Favorites 2016

My head it still spinning around the fact that how this year has unwound itself and has almost come in full circle towards the end of 2016. I still clearly remember the day I de-boarded the plane because my daughter wasn't ready to leave her grand parents. And how few months ago I was stressing over sending her to the school and then now its been more than 3 months she has been going to school. What the what, how did it all move soo fast. But that brings me to the happy phase where there is holiday aroma in the air, the sale season. Red lipsticks, fuzzy socks, a little magic of snow show and of-course hot chocolate. 

But that still is a few weeks away, and for now I wanted to share with you the things that I have been lovin' for the month of September and October.

01 November 2016

How To Be A Not So Primitive Blogger

how not to be a basic blogger

Despite of thinking and wanting to stand out of the crowd, we often find ourselves caught up in the midst of the latest trends. Be it that, 'it' marble background or the  same Givency bag that every fashion blogger has been carrying around. 

Of-course there is no harm in being caught up and enjoying whats on trend, but hanging in that same place without spicing it up every now and then can become mundane and oh-so-ordinary for your readers and even less motivating for you as a blogger. So what is that, that makes people come to your blog or instagram and hit the like, subscribe button?

25 October 2016

Tom Ford Honeymoon Quad And Rose Crush Gloss || Swatches & Review

Tom Ford Haul

If there is something that makes me skip a beat about this brand is their luxe packaging.  (I know I'm so superficial).

Tom Ford Honeymoon palette ($82), is a wet/dry formula - a perfect warm tone palette for the season. Is described to be as "The centerpiece of the Tom Ford Color Collection. Each eye color quad is designed with four opulent complementing shades that achieve multiple looks, from a bold, smokey eye, to a sexy splash of color and everything between".

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