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20 July 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || Beauty Wishlist

nordstrom anniversary sale wishlist

Well Aloha! I don't know why but I feel like I'm in a beachy vacation mode. Even though, clearly, I'm sitting here looking around my house which is turned upside down and is in a complete mess. Thanks to moving houses. I hate it, clearly! But... this new leaf-y cushion cover is what making me feel uber happy haha. 

Anyway, if you follow me on instagram, then you must have read that, all my makeup is packed up and we are in the middle of moving. Hence the lack of blogpost. But when I saw the Nordstrom anniversary sale beauty exclusive I was excited for a new blogpost lol.

14 July 2016

Colourpop Haul || Review

colourpop haul

Alright, Aright! I have a few hauls to share with you. So just be prepared for future haul bombarding haha. But for today, I have a little colourpop goodies to show, it is definitely one of the best affordable brands out there. And everything that I have tried from them so far is just amazing. And hence the idea of expanding the collection.

Anyway, without rambling much, here are few of the things that I picked up from colourpop. Oh plus if you are lost somewhere and haven't heard about the exciting news -- colourpop is shipping internationally now!!! So all you people out there can get your hands on this awesome brand.

10 July 2016

Acne Free Skincare Routine

acne-free skincare routine

Okay so where do I even begin with? 

The fact that I have been traveling a lot -- five countries in one year, and the fact that the most popular Too faced hangover primer broke me out like C-H-R-A-Z-Y-Y. It got to the point I had no idea how I'd ever get rid of the acne that took over my right cheek. So I completely switched over from my holy grail skincare routine and got hooked onto the Real-u* skincare line which is specifically aimed to cure acne.

08 July 2016

Five Tips On Being A Smart Blogger

I know how time consuming blogging can be. From the actual write up part, to photography, to social media engaging and promoting. It can just be a bit over-whelming and well sometimes just end up messing up our routine. But here are few handy-smart tips that can eliminate that extra bit of an effort that's time killing.

06 July 2016

What's In My Make-up Bag || JUNE EDITION

I have always liked keeping things rather simple. Usually some concealer, liner, mascara and lip-gloss. But for the past month I have been loving a little something something on the eyes, a bit of a bronzer surprise surprise!! And matt liquid lipsticks. WOW I never thought I'd enjoy matt lips but I have been quite into them lately.

30 June 2016

Jouer Lip Creme || Review and Swatches

Jouer Lip creme

OKAY! I have been desperate to get my hands on these lip creme's ever since they came out. Unfortunately every time I went on their website it was always sold out. Until recently when they brought it back in stock. I knew it had to come home. You know when certain things are wrapped in the bubble of that crazy hype you just get sucked into it. 

28 June 2016

Summer Blues || Favorite Blue Fashion And Beauty Bits

From a tomboy in my early teens to a girly girl in my early twenties, all I can remember is loving everything Pink. Pink walls, pink bag, pink shoes. Up until when I picked up a royal blue t-shirt from JC Penny (I believe) and totally fell in love with that color.  And ever since then I have had the same color Tee's in my wardrobe -- of-course, different brand/ different style. I think it's one color that suits me for sure. So I thought I'd share my absolutely favorite royal blue bits from my wardrobe and makeup collection.

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