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25 May 2016

SIX Things That Will Make You Ditch Foundation This Summer Season

Summer Skin care routine

Do you let your skin breath and enjoy the summer breeze?

Well, it finally seems like spring/summer is back on track, after an awful week or two, where it seemed like summer might have taken a detour. But everything is good when sun is shining bright. And there is certainly something in the spring/summer vibe, that makes you want to go out with bare minimum makeup.  Letting your skin breath and soak up the sunshine. Well at least I love to clearly stay away from any sort of heavy to light coverage foundation bases.

But I do like my skin looking all nice and pretty without the heavy dose of foundation layer. And here are my top five six things that helps me maintain beautiful looking skin.

24 May 2016

The One Stop Shop Eyeshadow For Spring/Summer

Best eyeshadow sticks, Nars Isolde

Now don't get me wrong despite owning a few palettes I feel I rarely wear eyeshadows and when I do I always seem to gravitate towards the fuss free, one swipe - blend and go kinds. They are faff free and a total winner in my eyes. 

I specially love bronze-y, gold tones. And with summers around, hello!! bronze goddess look anyone? So here are my top six one stop shop eyeshadow shades.

20 May 2016

Foreo ISSA MIKRO || Review


One of my pet peeves is having bad teeth, and more so for my kid! 

And I literally had dreams of my teeth falling (still do sometimes) and I would just have a panic attack, in my dream. Let alone in reality, I would be mortified.

So taking care of my little munchkin's teeth is my motherhood mission, like seriously. Since, I have seen so many kids around me with tooth decay issue, and it scars the sh*t out of me, thinking if ever my child has to go through it. Hell-to-the-NOO!! And specially the front teeth, its pretty darn -- well not so cute. So we started off with the brushing routine p-r-e-t-t-y early.

18 May 2016

Indian Wedding GRWM || OOTD

There is nothing more joyous then getting dressed for a wedding (well at-least, I really do enjoy weddings) and a desi wedding in a foreign land is all the more special. So I thought I'd share with you all, my Indian outfit (which by the way my mom designed, as she has a boutique and never once in my life I have ever bought indian clothes on my own, when it comes to desi outfits, there is only one person I trust and thats my mom).

So let's get into the nitty gritty bits of the wedding guest getting ready for a desi wedding shenanigan.

17 May 2016

DIY Face Cleanser/Mask For A Clear Youthful Complexion

Natural products, found in your kitchen are much more effective and wonderful for you when it comes to taking care of your skin. Despite of using and investing in skin care products. I have always found myself reaching for this cleanser/mask as soon as I feel my skin is getting out of control and nothing else seems to fix the problem - be it breakouts, dullness or even discoloration. It's even a wonderful mask to remove the tan. Basically it's an all rounder mask for fabulously glowing skin.

Hask Charcoal Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner* || Review

Has charcoal purifying shampoo and conditioner

Now even though I'm not too iffy about my shampoo's, then again I don't quite often change my shampoo, and it had been a long while since I was using Herbal essence, I thought it was time to switch up things. So it was the perfect opportunity to grab this Hask Charcoal purifying shampoo and conditioner duo*. Now in all honesty the reason why I was drawn towards this brand was, because it was cruelty free, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial color free, and I thought it was worth trying.

15 May 2016

Sunday Treat || Fluffy Pancake Recipe

I swear, this is the best pancake recipe I have ever tried, EVER! It's fluffy, yummy, and you won't want to go back to any of the breakfast joints, you ever did for sufficing your cravings. It's a great option for people on the run, who don't have time in the morning to prepare breakfast, this is easy-peasy and you can totally prepare the batter a night before. 

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