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24 August 2016

The Best Heart & Soul Melting Lava Cake Recipe

Best Lava Cake recipe

Since the air has started to cool down a little bit, and the excitement for fall has started to sink in, yet there is a sad feeling of leaving the summer behind. And in the middle of that disturb mind state when you want to jump right into the fall season and yet are terrified of harsh winter days. All you want to do is open up the windows and doors, soak in the every last bit of that sun with a breeze of cool air and whip up some lave cake!!! And this is the best recipe to calm down the weather anxious nerve! lol.     And if you are a chocolate lover my friend, mmmmmm, well you sure are in for a treat.

22 August 2016

The Ultimate Long-wearing Radiant Looking Skin Foundation || REVIEW

Estee Lauder Double wear nude cushion foundation

Are you too a sucker for radiant looking skin, without worrying about the foundation slipping away?

Well, well, then don't look any further! Oh bummer, sorry for the spoiler though, but I really do love this foundation - I'm talking about the Estee Lauder Double wear nude cushion foundation stick*. It's the ultimate heat proof, long-wearing, weightless and radiant looking foundation.

19 August 2016

Five Must Have's From MAC

must have's from MAC

Mac is one of those brands that almost everyone owns or either wants to. There is something for everyone. Even though it is going to be one of the toughest decisions to make while picking up my top five from MAC. But this is a new series that I have been planning and wanting to start here for a long time. So lets do this...

10 August 2016

What's In My Handbag

whats in my handbag

Are you the kind of a person who carry's the world around in their handbag?

Well I'm that kind for sure. Blame it on mother-hood, or the sheer lack of patience to empty the crap out of my bag. Any which way it makes me rummage in it like a squirrel to find my house keys.

04 August 2016

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Review

Giorgio Armani eye tint review

02 August 2016

July Favorites

July Favorites

Happy August ladies. July seemed like a pretty awesome yet super hectic month. Despite of aiming to blog more, my schedule seemed to run the opposite direction, shame *inserts a monkey hiding the face emoji*!    But that being said I'm kick starting August with my monthly favorites. With few beauty bites and a couple of random bits too, to make things interesting or maybe boring for some haha. Anyway ...

20 July 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || Beauty Wishlist

nordstrom anniversary sale wishlist

Well Aloha! I don't know why but I feel like I'm in a beachy vacation mode. Even though, clearly, I'm sitting here looking around my house which is turned upside down and is in a complete mess. Thanks to moving houses. I hate it, clearly! But... this new leaf-y cushion cover is what making me feel uber happy haha. 

Anyway, if you follow me on instagram, then you must have read that, all my makeup is packed up and we are in the middle of moving. Hence the lack of blogpost. But when I saw the Nordstrom anniversary sale beauty exclusive I was excited for a new blogpost lol.

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