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24 September 2016

How To Contact Brands/PR's For Samples For Your Blog

How to get beauty pr samples

Okay, my head is still spinning thinking about it's been over a year (almost going to be two years), since I started blogging. As much scared and confused I was about starting a blog, and how will I tell my family and friends, maybe they will make fun of me, maybe they will think what a waste of time. Will anyone read my blog, and will there be any negativity associated with it? While in the midst of all the wondering, fearing and typing and putting myself out into the internet world, I started having fun, meeting new bloggers and discovering new blogs became a happy hours job.

And in a blink of an eye a year passed, with lots of learning and so I thought I'd share with you today, how to reach brands/ PR's as a blogger.

16 September 2016

Summer To Fall Make-up Transition Products

Fall transition makeup guide

Even though summer is almost over, there are days when its burning hot and there are days when you feel like it's going to be a long wait until we reunite with summer again. 

But those early morning breeze have been welcoming fall and all I really want to do is switch up  my makeup from bright summer lipsticks to pretty berry lip products. Even though switching up the makeup routine entirely is still not such a great idea, as the weather does tend to get overwhelmingly warm, and you don't want to look like a burning hot mess with all your burgundy, warm eye shadows, melting off your face. But that being said there are few beauty bits and bobs that are a good in between transitional products.

14 September 2016

How To Make Your Blog Look Like A Website Within Minutes

how to make your blog standout from the crowd

Struggling to make your blog look like a website, without breaking the bank?

Well then look no further, here's a little guide to make your blogger blog stand out and look a bit more like a website. 
When is comes to blogging it's not always fun and games, PR gifts and sponsorships. To work your way up and take your blog to the next level, there is a lot of hard work and well good looks of the blog required. Specially when you are trying to make a business out of it and monetizing, aesthetics and easy navigation around your space is an important factor. So today I thought' I'd share with you few things that you need to remove from your blog and customize to give it a more professional look and feel.  

12 September 2016

Say Hello To ArtDetour

For a very long time now, I have been fiddling with the thought of changing my etsy store name and bring it under the same blog name, yet a bit branched out version of the it, just to bring everything under one brand. If that makes sense?  And after reading a couple of articles whether the store name would affect my etsy sales, I finally managed to change the store name and from VGC (VelvetGraceCreations) its now Artdetour. 

Also, I have ventured out from digital prints and blogger template designing to handmade greeting cards and gift card holders. Even though I haven't listed many handmade items yet, but here are some things from the store that I'm quite excited to share with you guys.

09 September 2016

New In Beauty & Skincare || September Review

New in beauty and skincare

The best thing about blogging is the PR samples and the worst thing is falling in love with the product only to find out the crazy price tag haha. Well that being said the past 2-3 weeks have been filled with fun surprises. Here are few bits and bobs that I received from Armani, Algenist and Marc Jacobs and Influenster Box.

Even though some products might not be new on the shelves, but they are new to me. So lets start with the craziest surprise package till date.

31 August 2016

What's In My Makeup Bag || August Edition

It's end of August, say what???!!!

Well yes, and that means its time to share what I have been playing around with, for this past month. 
With fall in my mind (even though when its still almost 80+ degrees outside), I switched up few things in my makeup bag with more warmer and berry tones.

29 August 2016

Photography Tips For Bloggers/Instagramers

Disclaimer : I'm in no way a professional, I can't even call my self an amateur photographer. But I have learned a lot over this time of blogging and instagramming. And I'm just sharing what has been working for me.

And lets be honest the major fun about blogging is taking pictures, well at-least for me. And I strongly feel along with great content, the pictures are something that makes your blog exceptional and stand out from the rest. So I thought I'd share some photography tips that I learned along the journey of blogging, and sure it is something that I do get questioned a lot for.

So here are some tips that might help you amp up your photography game ;)

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